Editorial Guidelines

At FiveBarks, we take pride in producing high-quality content. All our content is original, engaging, accurate, and contains no ethical conflicts or concerns.

If you read an article that you think we could improve, please reach out to us by contacting us at this link.

Content Integrity

We remain committed to our content and editorial processes’ integrity, quality, and accuracy. Our team of professional writers, fact-checkers, photographers, illustrators, editors, and veterinary professionals thoroughly reviews and cross-checks all our content to ensure its validity, currency, and accuracy, always putting our readers’ needs first.

FiveBarks aspires to provide only the highest quality human-written content for dog lovers. All our articles feature a byline, including the name, description, and links to more information about our authors and contributors.

Each piece is dated to show when the article was last updated with new information. Some articles feature a tagline providing extra information on our author or research sources. We do not publish AI-generated content using writing tools like ChatGPT.

Photos or videos we use are not altered or edited in any way that causes them to be misleading or false. All illustrations, images, and graphics are created internally to represent diverse voices, contexts, and perspectives.

Our articles are periodically reviewed for accuracy and relevance by our team of expert editors to ensure the integrity of these assets. Any factual errors are corrected transparently, and we encourage our readers to draw mistakes to our attention.

All our editors, contributors, and writers are duty-bound to disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

Our advertisers do not influence our content, and our editorial and advertising content are kept strictly separate, with a clear distinction between the two.


FiveBarks’ team of experienced, professional fact-checkers ensures content integrity. These experts are vetted and selected for their journalistic and subject matter expertise. They are tasked with researching all facts to ensure everything in our articles is accurate and up-to-date.

If you notice an issue you want to highlight, please tell us your concerns by contacting us via this link.

Accuracy and corrections

Our team is committed to providing readers with high-quality, well-researched, accurate factual content. If there are any errors in one of our articles, we will correct that as quickly as we can. If an article is factually accurate, but the language is unclear or not as detailed as it should be, we will update it.

We have a rich library of news articles that cover a particular event in time, so we don’t routinely update them. However, our rich library of service content is regularly and routinely updated, reviewed, and fact-checked to ensure the information is complete, accurate, relevant, and up-to-date. All updated articles are date stamped with the date they were updated.

If you want to report an error, you can do so through this link.


All our editors and writers adhere to rigorous standards for sourcing articles. We use reputable and current primary sources, including professional and academic institutions and expert interviews. At least one reputable source reinforces all claims, facts, and data points.

We discourage using unnamed or anonymous sourcing as that damages reader trust and erodes transparency. However, if an unnamed source is used, we will disclose the reasoning behind using that source and provide whatever context is necessary.


Our goal at FiveBarks is to provide our readers with original, unbiased, and valuable content. All the information we provide must be correctly attributed and verified and must not infringe copyright or anyone’s intellectual property rights.

Plagiarism is grounds for dismissal. We expect all our contributors to abide by all relevant standards, laws, and accepted journalistic practices, including: