6 Best Goldendoodle Rescues in Texas

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There are hundreds of lonely dogs and puppies waiting patiently in mini Goldendoodle rescues in Texas, hoping that one day someone will give them a forever home. 

Dogs usually end up in shelters because of a change in family or home circumstances rather than because of temperament problems, as Goldendoodles are generally friendly, chilled-out dudes. So, your perfect pet could be waiting for you right now in a Goldendoodle rescue in Texas! 

Check out this list of 6 of the best Goldendoodle Rescues in Texas to find your ideal canine companion!

What To Know About Doodle Rescues In Texas

Goldendoodle lying on her blanket inside kennel.

Goldendoodles are incredibly popular as family pets. That’s partly because of their cute looks and excellent temperaments, but also because of their low-shedding, curly coats that make Doodles the ideal pet for dog lovers with pet allergies.

Thanks to their popularity, you don’t generally find too many Goldendoodles in rescues. However, there are seven excellent Doodle shelters in Texas where you might find your perfect pet. 

Before you start your search for the ideal canine companion, you need to know that most of the dogs you find in shelters will be adults rather than puppies. Also, many of these Goldendoodles might have had a tricky start in life. Some might have come from puppy mills because they are no longer suitable for breeding. Others could have been surrendered for consistent barking and separation anxiety issues, or simply because their owner has passed away.

There are several reasons why you might consider adopting a dog from a rescue center:

  • You will potentially be saving a dog’s life
  • You’re making space for another dog to be rescued
  • Rescuing a Goldendoodle is considerable cheaper than buying a puppy from a breeder 

But the main reason why people adopt dogs from shelters is to experience that warm feeling you get when you see that tail wagging, as the dog realizes that, finally, someone wants to love him.

Allow Your Rescue Dog Time To Settle In

If you take on a dog from a Doodle rescue in Texas, you’ll need to understand that it might take your new pet some time to settle in. 

Your dog might have come from an abusive home, or he could have been in the shelter for some time before you found him. So, your new furry friend will be experiencing a totally different environment when he comes home with you. It’s not unusual for rescue dogs to be wary and shy with their new owners as they learn to trust again.

portrait of a F1 miniature golden doodle

Taking on a rescue Doodle is not the same as buying a puppy, and you need to understand that. Puppies are generally much more adaptable than adult dogs, largely because they are younger and haven’t experienced the same trauma as rescue dogs. Adult dogs will settle in eventually, but you must be patient and allow them time to make that adjustment.

6 Best Goldendoodle Rescues in Texas

So, now you’ve decided that you want to give an unwanted Goldendoodle a forever home, here are seven of the best Goldendoodle rescues in Texas.

1. Doodle Dandy Rescue Texas

Doodle Dandy Rescue Texas logo

Doodle Dandy Rescue is a rehabilitation center that takes in unwanted Doodles that are neglected or in danger. Since its formation around two years ago, the shelter has helped around 300 dogs. 

The dogs are then carefully rehabilitated until they are in a suitable condition to be rehomed. That approach gives the dog a fantastic opportunity for a completely new start with a family that will offer the lucky Doodle a loving, forever home. 

The charity works with over 500 volunteers across a few different shelters throughout Texas. So, you can work with the shelter in Dallas or with one of the partner rescues in Austin, Houston, or Texas.

2. Doodle Rock Rescue Texas

Doodle Rock Rescue logo

Doodle Rock Rescue in Dallas has been around for just over three years. This charity takes in neglected, abandoned, and abused Doodles of all varieties. 

The charity then undertakes the job of rehabilitating the dogs so that they can be adopted by new families. Some of the dogs that end up in the rescue come from shelters, are surrendered by their owners, or are even found wandering on the streets. Any behavioral or health problems are dealt with by Doodle Rock Rescue before the dogs are offered for rehoming.

Volunteers, adopters, and foster parents are always sought to run the rescue center’s program. Reach out to the shelter if you want to help them out or offer a new home to one of their Goldendoodles.

3. IDOG Rescue, Inc.

IDOG Rescue, Inc. logo

IDOG Rescue, Inc is based in Houston, Texas. However, they have foster facilities in other locations in many other parts of the country. So, if you live in Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio, you have a good chance of finding a dog here. The organization has been around since 2006, helping to rescue and rehome unwanted Doodles.

To adopt a dog from IDOG Rescue, you must first go through a somewhat lengthy process. Once you’ve been accepted, you can search the website for a dog you want to adopt. You can also find plenty of advice here on how to help your dog settle into his new home and life with your family.

4. Oodles of Doodles Rescue Collective Texas

Adoptapet.com logo

Oodles of Doodles has been around for ten years, working to rehome mistreated and neglected Doodles of various types.

If you’re looking for your forever friend, Oodles of Doodles is a good place to start your search! As well as dogs in Texas, there are many others in locations all over the country. Every dog is listed on the organization’s website, making it easy for you to find the ideal pup for you. Guidance is also included on what dogs are suitable for homes with cats, small kids, and other dogs, helping you to find the Goldendoodle that’s the best fit for your circumstances. 

5. Poodle Rescue of Houston Texas

Poodle Rescue of Houston Texas logo

So, Poodle Rescue of Houston does focus on Poodles, but they also cater to Poodle mixed breeds, including Goldendoodles. So, if you want a dog that hardly sheds at all, this rescue is a very good place to start looking.

This is a very well-established facility, having been around for over 20 years. All the dogs that come to the shelter are carefully assessed, rehabilitated, and health-checked before they are put up for rehoming.

6. Forgotten Friends Texas

Forgotten Friends Texas logo

Forgotten Friends is based in Austin, Texas, and takes in many different types of mixed-breed dogs, including Doodles.

This shelter was set up in 1999 and became a non-profit organization 501C in 2004. The charity is run entirely by a volunteer army of dog-lovers who take adult dogs and puppies from different shelters and rescues. Forgotten Friends then works with adoptive families and foster parents to find the dogs a forever home where they will receive all the support and love they need.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed our listicle, giving you details of 8 of the best Goldendoodle rescues in Texas.

If you want an adult Doodle rather than a puppy and you’re prepared to give an unwanted dog a second chance, a rescue or shelter might be an ideal option for you. Remember that dogs from shelters have often been abandoned or mistreated in some way before being rescued, and they can often take a while to settle into a new home.

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Do you have a rescue Goldendoodle?

Tell us all about your canine companion in the comments box below, and don’t forget to share this list if you found it helpful.

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