How Big Do Goldendoodles Get? Size Insights Revealed!

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Goldendoodles typically range from mini to standard sizes, with adult weights spanning from 15 to 90 pounds. Known for their affectionate nature and intelligent demeanor, Goldendoodles are a popular hybrid of Golden Retrievers and Poodles.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricate details of Goldendoodle sizes, including a size chart and growth pattern analysis. We’ll explore the defining characteristics of the mini, medium, and standard Goldendoodle categories, along with insights into their height and weight as they reach maturity.

Plus, we’ll offer valuable tips on how to predict the eventual size of your furry companion. Whether you’re a current or prospective Goldendoodle parent, this article will arm you with the knowledge you need to understand and anticipate the growth journey of your beloved pet. Stay with us as we unravel the mysteries behind the varying sizes of these charming dogs and what factors contribute to their growth.

What Sizes Do Goldendoodles Typically Reach?

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Goldendoodles are as diverse in size as they are in personality! Goldendoodles come in three main sizes: mini, medium, and standard. Mini Goldendoodles weigh between 10 to 15 pounds and fit perfectly in smaller living spaces.

Medium Goldendoodles, the most popular size, balance playfulness and manageability with weights ranging from 30 to 45 pounds.

The largest, standard Goldendoodles, can weigh from 50 to 90 pounds and are ideal for families with enough room for their energetic nature.

The size of a Goldendoodle puppy is largely determined by the size of its parents, meaning a mini bred with a mini will typically result in similarly sized offspring. With such a spectrum, you’re bound to find a Goldendoodle that fits just right into your life, whether you’re looking for a compact companion or a larger, huggable hound.

What Is the Typical Temperament of a Goldendoodle?

The typical temperament of a Goldendoodle is best described as friendly, intelligent, and affectionate. These endearing pups inherit some of the best traits from their Golden Retriever and Poodle lineage. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Sociable: Goldendoodles love being around people and are known for their friendly demeanor.
  • Intelligent: They are quick learners, making training a breeze.
  • Affectionate: Goldendoodles often form strong bonds with their families and adore companionship.
  • Energetic: They possess a playful spirit that requires regular exercise.
  • Gentle: Their kind and patient nature makes them excellent for families with children.
  • Loyal: Goldendoodles are devoted to their owners, often following them around like a shadow.
  • Each Goldendoodle may express these traits differently, but overall, they tend to make charming, well-rounded companions.

Why Does Size Matter for Goldendoodles?

Size isn’t just a number when it comes to Goldendoodles—it’s about finding the perfect fit for your lifestyle! Here’s the scoop on why Goldendoodle size matters:

  • Mini Goldendoodles: Tiny but mighty, these pups are ideal for apartment dwellers, fitting into your life (and lap) at a dainty 10 to 15 pounds.
  • Medium Goldendoodles: Hitting the sweet spot at 30 to 45 pounds, they’re the all-rounder companions marrying the coziness of minis with the presence of standards.
  • Standard Goldendoodles: For those who love life super-sized, these big-hearted buddies weigh in at 50 to 90 pounds and are ready to fill your home with love—and maybe a bit of drool!

In the world of Goldendoodles, size shapes the experience, from the space they’ll need to the energy they’ll share.

What Are the Typical Weights for Each Goldendoodle Size Category?

The typical weights for each Goldendoodle size category, along with the time it takes for them to reach their full adult size, are as follows:

  • Mini Goldendoodles: They weigh between 10 and 25 pounds and usually reach their full size by 7-11 months of age, making them quick to mature and easy to adore.
  • Medium Goldendoodles: With an average weight of 25 to 50 pounds, these dogs typically fill out to their adult size between 11-13 months, offering a swift journey to full-grown fun.
  • Standard Goldendoodles: The largest variety, standard Goldendoodles weigh about 50 to 90 pounds and generally take 12-18 months to reach their full stature, giving you more time to savor their puppyhood before they grow into their paws—and your heart.

What Is the Average Weight of a Puppy During Its Development?

Their size can vary depending on the parents of minis or micro doodles, so this is just a Goldendoodle size chart for the usual growth pattern for most dogs from my experience over the years.

Minis and medium-sized Goldendoodles weight in pounds in a couple of months:

  • 10-15 pounds at 6 months old
  • 15-20 pounds at 12 months old
  • 20-25 pounds at 18 months old
  • 25-30 pounds at 2 years old

Standard-sized Goldendoodles weight in pounds in a couple of months:

  • 30-45 pounds at 6 months old
  • 45-60 pounds at 12 months old
  • 60-75 pounds at 18 months old
  • 75-90 pounds at 2 years old

If you have questions about your Goldendoodle’s growth or if you’re concerned about your dog being underweight or overweight, talk to your veterinarian. They’ll be able to help you decide if your dog is on track to reach their full adult size or if there’s cause for concern.

How Can You Predict a Goldendoodle’s Weight and Size?

There are three ways you can predict how big your pup will get. These methods look at the size of the parents, the size of the littermates, and by how big the Goldendoodle is at 12 weeks old.

The size of the parents is the most important factor in predicting your pup’s size. If both parents are mini Goldendoodles, then it’s likely that their puppies will also be mini Goldendoodles.

The size of the littermates can also give you an idea of how big your Goldendoodle will be when fully grown. If all the other puppies in the litter are mini Goldendoodles, then your puppy will also be a mini Goldendoodle. However, if there is a mix of sizes in the litter, then it’s harder to predict how big your puppy will be.

The third way to predict how big your Goldendoodle will be is by looking at how big they were at 12 weeks old. This method is not as accurate as looking at the size of the parent dogs or littermates, but it can give you a pretty good idea of what their exact size will be.

You’ll want to multiply your puppy’s weight by 4.2 at 12 weeks, giving you a good baseline for where they should be as an adult. There are also calculators out there for this purpose.

To recap:

  • Look at the size range of the Goldendoodle’s parents for an idea of your pup’s adult weight.
  • Observe the Goldendoodle’s littermate assortment of sizes to see the average full-grown size.
  • Multiply the Goldendoodle’s weight by 4.2 when it is 12 weeks old.

What Does the Growth and Development Process Look Like for Goldendoodles?

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Goldendoodles grow relatively quickly, with most reaching their adult size within their first year of life. Here’s a rough timeline of their growth and development:

  • Birth to 4 weeks: During this time, Goldendoodle puppies entirely depend on their mother’s milk for nourishment. They will spend most of their time sleeping and growing.
  • 4 to 8 weeks: Puppies will become more active and playful during this time. They will explore their surroundings and interact with their littermates.
  • 8 to 12 weeks: This is a critical time for socialization and training. Puppies will learn basic commands and develop their personalities.
  • 3 to 6 months: Goldendoodles will continue to grow rapidly during this time, and their energy levels will increase. They will also lose their baby teeth and develop their adult teeth.
  • 6 to 12 months: Most Goldendoodles will reach their adult size during this time. They will continue to develop their personalities and can be fully trained by the end of this stage with mental stimulation and positive reinforcement to prevent behavioral issues.

It’s important to note that all dogs are individuals, and their growth and development can vary depending on their combination of genes, environment, and overall health. Regular checkups with a veterinarian can ensure that your pup is developing as expected.

Is It True That Doodles Can Stop Growing at Any Point?

It’s not typical for Goldendoodles to randomly stop growing. Their growth usually follows a predictable pattern, and full size is generally reached by 12-18 months. However, growth can be influenced by various factors:

  • Nutrition: Inadequate diet can stunt growth. Ensure your Goldendoodle eats enough high-quality food rich in essential nutrients.
  • Health: Illness or medical conditions can slow or halt growth. Keep up with veterinary check-ups to catch and address any issues early.
  • Genetics: Certain genetic conditions can affect size. Know your pup’s lineage and potential hereditary health concerns.
  • Neutering: Timing of neutering can impact growth. Veterinarians can provide guidance on the best timing for this procedure.
  • Proper Care: Regular exercise, socialization, and up-to-date vaccinations contribute to healthy growth.

If a Goldendoodle is ill or has a medical condition, their growth can be affected. Illness and medical conditions can cause a Goldendoodle to stop growing or to grow more slowly than usual. If you’re concerned that your pup might be ill or have a medical condition, I will always suggest you talk to your vet.

  • Genetic disorders: Certain genetic diseases, such as dwarfism and hip dysplasia, can affect Goldendoodles’ growth and development.
  • Parasite infestations: Internal parasites such as roundworms and hookworms can cause Goldendoodles to stop growing or not reach their full potential. Symptoms include a distended belly, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Neutering: Early neutering can cause Goldendoodles to stop growing sooner than they would have otherwise. Talk to your vet about the best time to neuter your Goldendoodle based on their size.

A Goldendoodle may reach its full adult size early in life. If a Goldendoodle reaches its full adult size before it is 1-year-old, it’s considered to be early onset adulthood. Genetics can cause the early onset of adulthood or the environment in which the Goldendoodle lives.

If you suspect your Goldendoodle isn’t growing as expected, it’s essential to consult with your veterinarian to rule out any health problems or dietary deficiencies.


Understanding the potential size of your Goldendoodle is crucial for providing the right environment and care. Typically, they fit into three size brackets: the compact mini, the adaptable medium, and the sizable standard. Through the detailed size chart and growth pattern insights we’ve provided, it’s clear that these endearing doodles often reach their adult dimensions within their first 12 to 18 months.

To promote healthy growth, keep a watchful eye on your Goldendoodle’s food intake, ensuring a diet replete with essential proteins and fats, portioned out into several meals a day. Hydration is equally important, so ensure constant access to clean water. Regular veterinary visits are a cornerstone of responsible pet care, helping to confirm that your Goldendoodle is on track and thriving.

As you watch your Goldendoodle grow, we’d love to hear about your journey. Have you noticed particular growth patterns? What adjustments have you made to accommodate your pet’s development? Perhaps you’ve trained your doodle for a special role or as a loving therapy dog. Share your experiences and inspire fellow Goldendoodle enthusiasts! Your stories can guide new owners and contribute to a community dedicated to enjoying life with these amazing companions. Join the conversation now and let’s celebrate every inch of growth together!

Goldendoodle Size Ranges: Differences Between Toy, Mini & Standards - infographics

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