Top 7 Mini Goldendoodle Breeders In Iowa – Puppies For Sale

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Where can you buy a well-bred Goldendoodle in Iowa? Look no further! We can help you with that!

In this guide, we’ve sniffed out 13 responsible, experienced Mini Goldendoodle breeders in Iowa. So, if you want to find a Mini Goldendoodle in Iowa, this listicle is just about the best place to begin your search.

So, let’s get started!

7 Mini-Goldendoodle Breeders in Iowa

When searching for a Goldendoodle breeder, always choose one that uses only stud dogs that have been fully health screened. That helps to ensure that the puppies won’t inherit any congenital health defects from their parents.

Star Creek Kennel LLC Iowa

Star Creek Kennel LLC Iowa Logo

Goldendoodle puppy information: 

  • Generation: F1, F1B, Multigen
  • Size: Mini, Medium, Standard

Goldendoodle breeder information:

Location: Knoxville, IA

Address: N/A

Website: Star Creek Kennel LLC Iowa

Phone: 641-891-3289

Email:  [email protected]

Star Creek Kennel has the important distinction of being the only registered breeding member of GANA, the Goldendoodle Association of North America, in Iowa. This breeder also produces purebred Poodles and Golden Retrievers, as well as multigen Goldendoodles of different sizes.

Star Creek Kennel believes in having well-socialized, healthy puppies that don’t begin life in a kennel environment, so they are enthusiastic advocates of the guardian home program.

Iowa Goldendoodle Dandys

Goldendoodle sitting on grass

Goldendoodle puppy information: 

  • Generation: F1
  • Size: Mini

Goldendoodle breeder information:

Location: Humboldt, IA

Address: N/A

Website: Iowa Goldendoodle Dandys

Phone: 515-368-3164

Email: [email protected]

Iowa Goldendoodle Dandys has been around since 2011 and breeds gorgeous Goldendoodle puppies on their farm close to the town of Humboldt. 

This breeder is committed to running a kennel-free operation where all the dogs live as part of the family as pets, running freely over the beautiful farmland.

Kimberlee’s Kennels in Iowa

Kimberlee’s Kennels in Iowa logo

Goldendoodle puppy information: 

  • Generation: F1
  • Size: Mini

Goldendoodle breeder information:

Location: Decora, IA

Address: N/A

Website: Kimberlee’s Kennels in Iowa

Phone: 563-380-1136

Email: [email protected]

Kimberlee’s Kennels is a family-run breeding operation that produces multiple Doodle breeds, including English Goldendoodles, Poodles, Bernedoodles, and multi-generation Goldendoodles that come in a wide range of beautiful colors.

The breeder has a full kennel facility with well-equipped, heated whelping rooms, a grooming room, and free yard space. The dogs’ health and wellbeing are top priorities for this breeder, and potential buyers are encouraged to visit the breeder to see the facility for themselves.

Little Paws of Iowa

Close up goldendoodle on grass

Goldendoodle puppy information: 

  • Generation: F1, F1B, F2B
  • Size: Mini

Goldendoodle breeder information:

Location: Rock Valley, IA

Address: 3270 Fir Ave, Rock Valley, IA  51247

Website: Little Paws of Iowa

Phone: 712-470-1516

Email: Use the form on the breeder’s website

Well-established breeder, Little Paws of Iowa has been producing Mini Goldendoodles, Mini Bernedoodles, and Mini Sheepadoodles since 2001.

The puppies are raised as members of the breeder’s family, so they are well-socialized, happy little dogs when they leave to go to their new homes. The breeder provides Early Neurological Stimulation for all their puppies.

Wild Paw Doodles IA

Wild Paw Doodles IA logo

Goldendoodle puppy information: 

  • Generation: F1, F1B, Multigen
  • Size: Mini, Standard

Goldendoodle breeder information:

Location: Postville, IA

Address: N/A

Website: Wild Paw Doodles IA

Phone: 563-379-8691

Email: [email protected]

Wild Paw Doodles is a sizable family breeding concern that also breeds Bernedoodles and Poodles. 

All their puppies are raised as part of the guardian program. That means that every stud dog lives as part of the family, remaining with the guardian family until they are no longer used for stud duties.


Petland logo

Goldendoodle puppy information: 

  • Generation: Various
  • Size: Various

Goldendoodle breeder information:

Location: Iowa City

Address: 1851 Lower Muscatine Rd, Iowa City, IA 52240

Website: PetlandIowa

Phone: (319) 535-4206

Email: Contact through form on the website

Petland Iowa City is a pet store with over eight years’ operating in Iowa City. You can shop online for a puppy without having to visit the store.

All Petland puppies are sent to their new owners with a health certificate, vet exam, up-to-date vaccinations and a microchip. You also get a three generations pedigree, registration papers, a one-year warranty, and a resources kit with training video.

Mini Golden Puppies

Mini golden puppy close up

Goldendoodle puppy information: 

  • Generation: F1B
  • Size: Mini

Goldendoodle breeder information:

Location: Morning Sun, IA

Address: N/A

Website: Mini Golden Puppies

Phone: N/A

Email: [email protected]

This well-established breeder produces Mini Irish Goldendoodle and Mini Goldendoodle puppies. With 17 years of experience as breeders of these gorgeous dogs, Mini Golden Puppies know exactly what they’re doing.

All the puppies are raised in a loving family environment on their rural homestead. 

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy our list of the 13 best Mini Goldendoodle breeders in Iowa? If you did, please remember to share!

When searching for a puppy, be sure to buy from a reputable breeder and, if possible, go to visit the breeder’s kennels to meet the puppy’s parents. Goldendoodles are extremely popular dogs, so you can expect to pay top dollar for a well-bred puppy. Puppies offered for sale at very cheap prices are often from puppy mills or backyard breeders. These animals typically come with genetic health defects or even serious diseases – don’t buy one! 

If you met your perfect furry friend through one of the breeders we’ve featured here, tell us about your adventure in the comments box below!

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