Top 5 Goldendoodle Breeders In Florida – Puppies For Sale

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Goldendoodles make excellent family dogs and have become the go-to canine companion for numerous families since the breed first appeared a few decades ago.

So, where can you buy a healthy Goldendoodle puppy in Florida? 

In this guide, I’ve tracked down 5 reputable Goldendoodle breeders in the Sunshine State. So, if you want to find a Goldendoodle in Florida, then this list is a great place to start your search!

5 Best Goldendoodle Breeders in Florida

There are lots of Florida Doodle breeders producing this much sought-after designer breed, but we’ve only focused on ethical breeders who breed high-quality Goldendoodle puppies.

The pups offered by these breeders undergo comprehensive health testing and are guaranteed to be in excellent health before going to their new homes. Similarly, the parent dogs are certified as being free from genetic health issues.

1. D’ Shalom Goldendoodles

Breeder Details:

Location: Frostproof, FL

Phone: 1 (863) 660 7350

Email: dshalomgoldendoodles

D’ Shalom Goldendoodles produces multigen standard and mini Goldendoodle puppies for sale to Doodle lovers across the US.

All the puppies produced by this reputable breeder are home-raised and socialized before going to their new homes.

Prices start from around $2,500 up to $2,900, with a $500 deposit required to reserve a puppy. All the puppies come with a health guarantee, and their parents undertake comprehensive genetic health screenings.

Potential buyers are required to complete an application form to get onto the breeder’s waiting list. However, this breeder currently has lots of puppies available for sale, which you can view on the breeder’s website.

2. ABCs Puppy Zs

Breeder Details:

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Social Media: Facebook/Instagram

Contact: Chat with us

ABCs Puppy Zs is based close to Fort Worth, Texas, although they can ship puppies to families all over the US. To reduce travel stress, each puppy is accompanied by its own nanny who looks after the little guy during the journey to the furbaby’s new home.

The breeder raises F1 Miniature and F1B Petite Goldendoodle puppies in a loving family home environment, where the pups are socialized and introduced to daily life’s regular sights and sounds.

These puppies are incredibly well-bred! All the parent dogs are former AKC Champions Pedigree and Community Canines, and the breeder has a full breed DNA panel on all their breeding dogs.

The parent dogs are fully OFA-certified as being clear of genetic diseases, so you know your puppy will be healthy. For your peace of mind, each puppy is health-certified by a vet and comes with an unmatched 5-year health guarantee!

3. Tampa Goldendoodle

Breeder Details:

Location: Tampa, FL

Phone: 740 648 8687

Email: [email protected]

Tampa Goldendoodle is a reputable breeder that produces smart doodle puppies of various sizes, including standard, mini, and petite.

Genetic health testing ensures that the puppies won’t inherit abnormalities from their parents, and each pup comes with a health certificate that clears the puppy of any of the common life-threatening health conditions that often affect puppy mill pups.

To reserve your puppy, you’ll need to pay a $500 deposit, and prices start from $2,500 for a standard Goldendoodle to $4,000 for a petite puppy. Tampa Goldendoodle also produces Aussiedoodles and Springerdoodles.

There are a few puppies currently available, and you’ll find details on the breeder’s website.

4. Goldendoodles of Miami

Breeder Details:

Location: Miami, FL

Phone: ‭(305) 927-4551‬

Email: [email protected]

Goldendoodles of Miami has a great reputation as a responsible breeder that produces Goldendoodles, Poodles, and Bernedoodles at their family home in Miami.

All the puppies’ parents are health screened, undergo genetic testing, and have service dog temperaments, so you know you’ll take home a healthy puppy with no genetic defects.

The puppies are born and raised in the home environment rather than in a kennel, which ensures your puppy will be well-socialized and familiar with family life.

In addition, the breeder uses the Puppy Culture Method and BAB curriculum, which means that a week-by-week guide is used to help develop emotional resiliency and neurological stimulation in their puppies.

To learn what smart Doodle puppies are coming up and enquire about pricing, contact the breeder via text or email.

5. Rising Star Standard Poodles and Doodles

Breeder Details:

Location: Central Florida

Phone: (407) 747-4977

Email: N/A

This breeder has 15 years of experience in breeding high-quality Poodles and multigen Doodles of various sizes with unique colors and markings. The puppies are raised with love in the family’s home, so you know your new furry friend will be well-socialized.

All the breeding dogs used by this breeder are fully health-screened for genetic defects. In addition, these dogs have fantastic temperaments and conformation, which is reflected in the excellent family pets they produce.

In addition to Goldendoodles, Rising Star produces Shihpoo and Sheepadoodle puppies. There is no information regarding pricing or availability of the puppies on the breeder’s website, but potential first-time Doodle parents should telephone the breeder for more information.

Cost of Buying From Breeders – Has the Lockdown Bubble Burst?

Happy Goldendoodle getting pet

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we were all placed in lockdown, meaning that many people were stuck at home. So, thousands of people in the US and other countries suddenly had time on their hands with little to do. What a perfect time to bring a canine companion into your life!

As a result, the demand for puppies sky-rocketed in every state, massively outstripping supply. Doodles proved to be especially popular, largely for their so-called hypoallergenic qualities that made these curly-coated canines perfect for dog-loving pet allergy sufferers.

Within a few months, it became next to impossible to get a Doodle puppy, with waiting lists exceeding 18 months in many areas and prices going through the roof!

But …

Now that lockdown is over, that’s bad news for breeders and dogs alike.

More and more dog owners are returning to work, meaning that Fido is left home alone. That’s fine if your dog is properly trained and is accustomed to spending time away from you. However, many dogs don’t adjust well to that situation, and as a result, rescue centers and shelters are bursting at the seams with unwanted pets.

I have friends who bought a puppy during lockdown while they were working from home or furloughed. That was a perfect situation, as my friends had plenty of time to train, socialize, and spend time with their new canine companions. But once the lockdown was relaxed and the family returned to work and school, the dog was left home alone.

Unfortunately, with rising fuel costs and increasing unemployment, one family couldn’t afford to pay for doggy daycare, so they had to put their puppy into a rescue for rehoming.

Good News

Best Goldendoodle Rescues For Adoption In North Jersey

The good news is that most Goldendoodle breeders in most states now have plenty of Goldendoodles for sale, and prices have plummeted. So, would-be dog owners can buy a Doodle puppy without having to break the bank and wait for months until one becomes available.

One massive problem that reared its head during the Doodle boom was the upsurge of puppy mills. Puppy mills and backyard breeding operations produce as many puppies as quickly as possible to make a big profit while demand is high. 

Conditions in puppy mills are often squalid, and breeding dogs are seldom health-screened, so the puppies don’t have health test certifications and frequently develop genetic abnormalities in later life.

Thankfully, the slump in demand for puppies has seen many puppy mills go out of business.

Bad News

However, many reputable breeders who specialize in producing high-quality Goldendoodles now find themselves with puppies no one wants and are reducing their prices.

But perhaps the worst consequence of the burst bubble is that so many dogs, through no fault of their own, are handed to shelters because their owners no longer have the time to care for their pets.

How Long Do I Have to Wait for a Puppy?

Child and Goldendoodle in Bed Playing

Now that the lockdown bubble has burst, most breeders have puppies available without needing a long waiting list.

That means you should be able to choose and buy a puppy within a matter of weeks, depending on what time of the year you start looking around for your new furry friend.

If you want to wait for a particular dam and sire to produce a litter, you might have to wait longer.

How to Pick a Responsible, Ethical Breeder

A responsible, ethical breeder will:

  • Be happy for you to visit their kennels and meet the puppies and their mother.
  • Be happy for you to visit more than once to be sure that you and the puppy are compatible.
  • Answer your questions and interview you to ensure their puppy is going to a good home.
  • Show you their license to prove they are a registered breeder.
  • Provide genuine paperwork for vaccinations, microchipping, deworming, and the parent dogs’ health screening results.

Puppy Mills Red Flags

Puppy mills usually give themselves away by:

  • Trying to rush you into buying a puppy.
  • Preventing you from visiting their premises and stopping you from meeting the puppy’s mother. If the mother is not at the breeder’s premises, the puppy most likely wasn’t bred there.
  • Suggesting that they deliver a puppy to you or meet you in a car park or service station to hand over the pup.
  • Giving you a puppy that’s less than eight weeks old and insisting that it’s fully vaccinated.

 If you’re at all unhappy with how the breeder deals with your inquiry, walk away.


Here are the answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about Goldendoodles. 

Q: How much are Goldendoodles in Florida?

A: Goldendoodle puppies in Florida currently sell for between $2,500 and $4,000, depending on the size, generation, and color of the pup.

You might find a puppy for a slightly cheaper price if you’re prepared to travel to other states.

Q: Is a Goldendoodle a high-maintenance dog?

A: All dogs need an amount of daily exercise to remain healthy. Goldendoodles tend to be lively, energetic dogs that need plenty of walks, interactive playtime sessions, and training. 

In addition, you’ll need to groom your Doodle to prevent his curly coat from matting. In addition, a visit to the grooming salon is necessary every four to six weeks to have your pet bathed and clipped and his nails to be trimmed.

Q: What is a Goldendoodle’s lifespan?

A: Goldendoodles are relatively long-lived dogs, so you must be prepared to make a long commitment if you take home one of these pups. 

Smaller varieties of this popular breed tend to live longer than larger ones. So, you can expect a mini Goldendoodle to enjoy around 15 years of a happy, healthy life, whereas a larger, standard Goldendoodle might only survive for around ten years.

Q: Can Goldendoodles be left alone?

A: Goldendoodles are very family-focused dogs that can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for long periods.

However, if you take the time to properly crate train your pet, you can expect to leave him alone for up to six hours without problems.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy our list of the 5 best Goldendoodle breeders in Florida? If you did, go ahead and share it!

Always buy your Goldendoodle puppy from reputable breeders, such as those we’ve included in our list. During the recent COVID lockdown, you could expect to be placed on a long waiting list for Doodle puppies.

However, that bubble has now burst, and most Florida Goldendoodle breeders have some puppies available to buy.

That said, Goldendoodles are still expensive to buy, and if you’re offered a cheap puppy, it’s likely from a puppy mill or backyard breeder. Those puppies often have genetic health issues, and some have questionable temperaments, so we advise you to avoid them.

Did you find your perfect furry friend? Tell us about your puppy in the comments box below, and why not send us a picture of him, too?

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