Top 7 Goldendoodle Breeders In Minnesota – Puppies For Sale

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Are you looking for a canine companion to welcome into your family? Well, a Goldendoodle could be the ideal furry friend for you!

If you live in Minnesota, you have plenty of Goldendoodle MN breeders to choose from. But how do you know a reputable breeder from a puppy mill?

Read this guide to find out where you can buy a well-bred Mini Goldendoodle in MN and much more!

7 Goldendoodle Breeders In Minnesota

Every breeder we’ve included in this list has a good reputation for producing well-bred, well-socialized puppies. 

The puppy of your dreams awaits, so let’s get to it!

Island Farm Goldens

Goldendoodle puppy information: 

  • Generation: F1, F1B
  • Size: Standard

Goldendoodle breeder information:

Location: Le Sueur, Minnesota

Address: 36337 271st Avenue, Le Sueur, MN 56058

Phone: 763-258-6983

Email: [email protected]

Island Farm Goldens is a very well-established, experienced breeder that’s mostly bred Golden Retrievers. However, over the last 20 years, they have also produced Goldendoodles, making one of the oldest Doodle breeders in the state of Minnesota.

Ocean Road Mini Goldendoodles

Goldendoodle puppy information: 

  • Generation: F2B, F3
  • Size: Mini

Goldendoodle breeder information:

Location: Le Janesville, MinnesotaSueur, Minnesota

Address: N/A

Phone: N/A

Email: [email protected]

Ocean Road Mini Goldendoodles is a small hobby breeder, producing just one or two litters per year. They specialize in raising Mini Goldendoodles.

There’s no waiting list. Just contact the breeder regularly to find out what puppies are available.

Sister Doodles MN

Goldendoodle puppy information: 

  • Generation: F1B
  • Size: Mini

Goldendoodle breeder information:

Location: Kittson County, Minnesota

Address: 1842 360th St. Humboldt, MN 56731

Phone: 218-988-2116

Email: [email protected]

This breeder specializes in producing Goldendoodle and Aussiedoodle puppies. The pups are raised in the breeder’s home with their family, so they’re well-socialized.

The puppies come with a one-year health guarantee and are reasonably priced, starting from $2,000.

Brooke Marie’s Goldendoodle Love In Minnesota

Goldendoodle puppy information: 

  • Generation: F1B
  • Size: Mini, Medium, Standard

Goldendoodle breeder information:

Location: Brown County, Minnesota

Address: 13215 110th Street, Hanska, Minnesota

Phone: 612-201-3553 or 507-241-0446

Brook Marie’s Goldendoodle Love raises Goldendoodles and Berndoodles, caring for the pups in their own home. The puppies receive basic obedience training before going to their new homes. 

Also, the pups come with a two-year health guarantee and have a vet exam around two days before you collect your pet.

Antonia’s Goldendoodle Babies LLC

Goldendoodle puppy information: 

  • Generation: F2B, Multigen
  • Size: Micro, Petite, Mini, Standard

Goldendoodle breeder information:

Location: Woodville, MN

Address: N/A

Phone: 651-442-0058

Email: [email protected]

Antonia’s Goldendoodle Babies specializes in breeding Goldendoodles and Goldichons in a wide range of different sizes and colors, including the unusual parti-color.

This small, family-run kennel has been raising puppies for over 20 years. All parent dogs are chosen for their excellent temperament and health. 

Timber Rock Goldendoodles Minnesota

Goldendoodle puppy information: 

  • Generation: F1, F1B, Multigen
  • Size: Medium, Standard

Goldendoodle breeder information:

Location: Dakota County, Minnesota

Address: Rosemount, MN

Phone: 651-261-6018

Email: [email protected]

This breeder produces exceptionally high-quality, well-bred puppies that come with a one-year warranty against genetic health conditions.

Generally, Timber Rock doesn’t ship puppies. You need to visit the breeder to collect your new bundle of fluff.

Stoneridge Goldendoodle

Goldendoodle puppy information: 

  • Generation: F1, F1B
  • Size: Mini, Standard

Goldendoodle breeder information:

Location: Anoka County, MN

Address: N/A


Phone: 612-271-2464

Email: [email protected]

This experienced breeder raises Goldendoodles, Sheepadoodles, Labradoodles, and Bernedoodles. 

The puppies are all highly socialized, well-behaved puppies that the breeder will ship to buyers if necessary. References from previous customers are available on request.

How To Find A Goldendoodle Breeder In Minnesota

So, how do you find Goldendoodle puppies for sale in Minnesota?

Where do you find a Goldendoodle Breeder in Minnesota?

Two golden doodle puppies isolated on white.

Unfortunately, there are lots of backyard breeders and puppy mills around the country. 

These operations don’t generally health check their breeding dogs or puppies and often sell puppies that have congenital health defects or are sick. So, steer clear of puppies that are being sold very cheaply, as you could be buying a whole world of trouble from a puppy mill.

Instead, you need to find a reputable Goldendoodle breeder such as those we’ve listed in this guide. Alternatively, check out the breeders in Minnesota that are listed on the Goldendoodle Association Of North America (GANA) website.

Moreover, we also have a list of other breeders from other nearby states, which you may like to try in case you can’t find an available puppy in Minnesota. Check out these articles:

Choosing A Good Goldendoodle Seller And Breeder

As well as arranging to visit the breeder to see the puppy’s parents and siblings, there are quite a few things to consider when choosing a good Goldendoodle seller and breeder:

Insists On Visiting The Dog’s Future Home

A good breeder or seller will insist on visiting your home to make sure that the environment is safe and suitable for their dog. That especially applies to dogs from shelters and rescue centers that might have already had a bad start in life.

Shows All The Paperwork

A reputable breeder will be able to show you all the relevant paperwork for the puppy or dog you’re buying. That includes all health screening results and AKC registration documents that may be relevant to the puppy’s parents and grandparents.

Tells You Any Health Problems

A reputable breeder or seller will be open and honest about the health of the dog. 

If there are any health issues that you need to be aware of, they will tell you. Ideally, you’ll be provided with a vet certificate confirming that the dog or puppy is fit and healthy.

Asks More Questions Than You

The breeder should be keen to reassure themselves that the puppy is going to a knowledgeable home and to owners that understand how to care for a dog properly.

You’ll have plenty of questions for the breeder, but they should ask even more questions than you do! 

Not In A Hurry To Send-Off

If the seller is in a hurry to offload the puppy and send it off as quickly as possible, be wary. Most reputable breeders ask for a deposit to secure a puppy and won’t release the pup to its new home until they’re confident the little one is ready to go.

Provides You With Past Customers’ Record

Most good breeders will be keen to show you testimonials from previous customers, usually with photographs of the puppies they have found forever homes for. 

However, don’t expect to be given previous buyers’ details. That’s not legally permitted unless the buyer has given their permission.

Requires Expectations On Both Sides

Before agreeing to sell you a puppy, the breeder should be keen to establish what both parties expect from each other. 

For example, a deposit may be required from you to secure a puppy. But you can also insist on seeing documentary evidence of the parent dogs’ health screening before you make your final payment.

Doesn’t Sell Enough Puppies To Make It Worthwhile

Two cute goldendoodle puppies

Puppy mills churn out as many puppies as possible in as short a time as possible. For these operations, it’s all about chasing the dollar and making the maximum profit from their breeding dogs.

Small breeders who only produce one or two litters of puppies every year generally do so for the love of the breed rather than to make vast profits.

Sends Puppies Properly

Most reputable breeders insist that you collect the puppy from them in person. 

However, that might not be possible, depending on where you live, Covid restrictions, etc. In those circumstances, the breeder often offers to ship the puppy to you. If that’s the case, double-check how the dogs are transported and speak to the shipper, too.

Works Only With One Or Two Breeds

Experienced breeders generally specialize in one or two breeds. For example, many Teddy Bear Goldendoodle breeders also produce Golden Retrievers or Poodles too.

When I was looking around for a puppy, I noticed that many so-called professional breeders offered multiple breeds for sale.

In some cases, the breeder uses a Poodle stud dog to cover several different breeds of mother dogs. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean the breeder is operating a puppy farm. In fact, I know of one small, local breeder who uses another kennel’s stud dog while he owns three different mother dogs of different breeds.

That breeder specializes in three specific small breeds, is fully licensed, and is definitely not a puppy farm!

Shows Breeding Experience

The best breeders are well-established with plenty of experience in producing high-quality, well-bred puppies. So, choose a breeder that’s been breeding Goldendoodles for many years and is a member of GANA.

Tips When Bringing Home A Goldendoodle Puppy

Here are a few top tips to help you when bringing home your beautiful, fluffy Goldendoodle puppy.


Puppies are notorious for getting into everything! That can mean destruction for your home and potential danger for your puppy. So, take time to puppy-proof your home by placing anything tempting out of reach of your fluffy bundle of mischief.

Garden Safety

Don’t forget to ensure that the garden is a safe place for your puppy to spend time!

When I bought my first puppy home many years ago, the garden immediately became his go-to place. That was great, as it meant my pup could run around and burn off his excess energy, as well as experience all kinds of sights and sounds.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to double-check the fencing in my garden, and there was a small gap under a willow that I didn’t know about. One morning, I let the pup out to play and got busy doing chores, enjoying an hour’s peace and quiet.

The doorbell rang, and I answered to find my neighbor standing on the doorstep, clutching my puppy! The little guy had escaped through the hole and wandered off down the road. Luckily, my neighbor spotted him and scooped him up before any harm was done.

So, always remember to check and re-check your fences before you let your new furbaby out to play!

Introducing The Potty Place

Potty training your Goldendoodle puppy is something that many owners dread. But Doodles are pretty smart, and as long as you’re consistent and patient, you can usually teach your pup to use the designated potty place every time he needs to go.

Proper Crate Training

Your puppy’s crate is a place of security and safety for your pet. Most pups get to regard their crate as a cozy den that they can retreat to when they want to sleep or chill out.

Take time to train your puppy to use his crate, and never use the crate as a punishment.


Dogs are creatures of habit and they thrive on a schedule. So, knowing when it’s dinner time, time for a walk, and time to retreat to their crate to settle down for the night is crucial for your puppy’s wellbeing.


Puppies are like small children. They will soak up new experiences and lessons like sponges and are typically very quick learners.

However, you must be patient when training your furry friend. Never get angry and punish your pet for getting something wrong. Simply be consistent and sympathetic in your training, using praise, treats, and positive reinforcement to get the job done.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed our list of 7 of the best Goldendoodle breeders in Minnesota. If you found the guide helpful, please share!

Always visit the breeder to see the puppies and their parents. Likewise, good breeders are very careful to send their puppies to the very best homes, so be prepared to answer lots of questions about your dog-owning experience! 

Where did you buy your Goldendoodle puppy in Minnesota? Tell us your story about your search for the perfect canine companion in the comments box below!

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