Popular, Adorable, And Creative Goldendoodle Names

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You have your beautiful Goldendoodle puppy reserved, you’ve bought all the supplies you need, and you’re almost ready to collect your fluffy bundle of joy. All you need now is a name for your new family member!

Well, you’re in the right place! 

In this guide to Goldendoodle names, you’ll find a moniker to suit every puppy. To inspire you, we’ve included the best male Goldendoodle names and some totally cute female Goldendoodle names, too. 

Read on to discover the best name for your Goldendoodle puppy.

300 Popular, Adorable, and Creative Goldendoodle Names

Male Goldendoodle Names

When choosing a name for your male Goldendoodle, you want something that suits a boy. Although it’s impossible to say how your puppy will turn out when he’s fully grown, you can usually get a good idea of what kind of name suits his personality. 

We’ve included some of the most popular Goldendoodle names for boys and tossed in a few cool and creative ones, too!

1. Alfie

2. Barkley

3. Beau

4. Brody

5. Buddy

6. Carswell

7. Chance

8. Charlie

9. Chase

10. Chewie

11. Coach

12. Comet

13. Cooper

14. Ernie

15. Finn

16. Frankie

17. Fritz

18. Hank

19. Henry

20. Jack

21. James

22. Leo

23. Louie

24. Marley

25. Max

26. Mickey

27. Milo

28. Murphy

29. Odie

30. Oliver

Female Goldendoodle Names

If you have a female Goldendoodle, you might want to choose a feminine name that suits her cute, ladylike looks. Or, is your girl an all-action lady who loves nothing better than giving the boys a run for their money at the dog park?

Whatever your girl Goldendoodle is like, you can find something that suits her on our list.

31. Luna

32. Jenny

33. Daisy

34. Bella

35. Rosie

36. Maggie

37. Zoe

38. Sadie

39. Ruby

40. Millie

41. Kiki

42. Chloe

43. Olive

44. Lola

45. Gigi

46. Lily

47. Petunia

48. Poppy

49. Maisie

50. Hazel

51. Hannah

52. Emma

53. Jojo

54. Happy

55. Piper

56. Gidget

57. Gertrude

58. Lucy

59. Joy

60. Dakota

Goldendoodle Names Inspired By Color

Goldendoodles come in lots of different colors, and that can be a great source of inspiration for names. 


61. Kaki (or Khaki)

62. Blanco

63. Buttercup

64. Sugar

65. Snowy

66. Opal

67. Sandy

68. Winter

69. Noodles

70. Queso

Apricot and
Red Coloring

71. Amber

72. Apricot

73. Blaze

74. Sunny

75. Rusty

76. Crimson

77. Pumpkin

78. Cinnamon

79. Copper

80. Rose


81. Brownie

82. Honey

83. Mocha

84. Chestnut

85. Cocoa

86. Toffee

87. Goldie

88. Goldilocks

89. Maple

90. Moose


91. Blackie

92. Coal

93. Midnight

94. Onyx

95. Pepper

96. Shadow

97. Raven

98. Storm

99. Tornado

100. Night

Goldendoodle Names Inspired By Their Coat Type

A Goldendoodle’s coat can be wavy, straight, or curly, depending on how much of the Poodle parent’s genetic makeup the puppy has inherited. Coat type can be an excellent source of ideas for names for your furry friend.

101. Fluffy

102. Fuzz

103. Fuzzy

104. Fuzzy Wuzzy

105. Harry

106. Cotton

107. Furbaby

108. Furball

109. Puffy

110. Shaggy

111. Curly

112. Feathers

113. Ringlet

114. Silky

115. Fleecy

116. Ruffles

117. Woolly

118. Whiskers

119. Lush

120. Velvet

121. Cozy

122. Bunny

123. Alpaca

124. Fox

125. Snuggles

126. Snowball

127. Puffin

128. Polar

129. Grizzly

130. Furry

Intelligent-Sounding Goldendoodle Dog Names

Goldendoodles are clever canines, and some are even trained as service dogs, working in the community to help people. Perhaps an intelligent-sounding name would be a good fit for your pup?

131. Conrad

132. Hugo

133. Darwin

134. Reginald

135. Edison

136. Mendel

137. Hawking

138. Socrates

139. Solomon

140. Einstein

141. Sonia

142. Mary

143. Prudence

144. Bernadette

145. Velma

146. Minerva

147. Hermione

148. Imogen

149. Veta

150. Marie Curie

151. Knowing

152. Sheldon

153. Leonard

154. Howard

155. Rajesh (From The Big Bang Theory)

156. Ronald

157. Alvis

158. Boman

159. Cato

160. Conroy

Goldendoodle Names Inspired by Food

Do you have a favorite snack? Why not name your yummy new best friend after that?

161. Oreo

162. Peanut

163. Cookie

164. Biscuit

165. Mochi

166. Bean

167. Peaches

168. Taco

169. Waffles

170. Pickles

171. Muffin

172. Nacho

173. Basil

174. Coconut

175. Cupcake

176. Huckleberry

177. Meatball

178. Oregon

179. Cookie

180. Mochi

181. Pancake

182. Nutmeg

183. Jelly

184. Chocolate

185. Marshmallow

186. Fudge

187. Caramel

188. Jellybean

189. Butterscotch

190. Nutella

191. Pepper

192. Peanut

193. Biscuit

194. Bean

195. Taco

196. Pumpkin

197. Pickles

198. Beans

199. Lemon

200. Butter

Famous Goldendoodle Names

If there’s a famous celebrity that you admire, you might want to name your puppy after them.

201. Augie

202. Penny

203. Norman

204. Oprah

205. Foxy

206. Daisy

207. Isaboo

208. Poppy

209. Bambi

210. Tinkerbell

211. Atticus Finch

212. Boo Radley

213. Finn

214. Mr. Famous

215. Sherriff

216. Thurman Murman

217. Goofy

218. Scooby-doo

219. Pluto

220. Meatloaf and Zoe

221. Pippin

222. Pixie

223. Rimshot

224. Rhapsody In White

225. Sirius Black

226. Slinky

227. Sparky

228. Speck

229. Django

230. Stitch

Funny Goldendoodle Names

Goldendoodles can be playful, entertaining, and sometimes downright funny! If your dog is a clown, a funny name might be very apt.

231. Winnie the Doodle

232. Google the Doodle

233. Broody the Doody

234. Rudy the Doody

235. Trudy the Doody

236. Huey the Doody

237. Foodie the Doodie

238. Bruno

239. Chewbacca

240. Hairy Styles

241. Daniel Ruffcliffe

242. Hairy PAWter

243. Elmo

244. Rowlf— Comical dog from The Muppets

245. Cool & the Dood

246. Prince Hairy

247. Megan Barkle

248. Jerry Seinfur

249. Woofy Allen

250. Will Fur-rel

251. Reese WOOFerspoon

252. Carol Barkett

253. Lucille Ball

254. Carrot Top

255. Felix (From Felix The Cat)

256. Rodney Doodlefield

257. Groucho Barks

258. Ryan Doodle (Ryan Reynolds)

259. Tater Tot

260. Goldi Locks

Cute Goldendoodle Names

261. Buttons

262. Cork

263. Wiggle

264. Niblet

265. Skittle

266. Shrimp

267. Twiglet

268. Mini

269. Dumpling

270. Teddy

271. Tiny

272. Tim

273. Mia

274. Josie

275. Kid

276. Missy

277. Periwinkle

278. Jerry Seinfur

279. Pea

280. Cub

Unique Goldendoodle Names

Every dog has his own unique personality, so you want to pick a unique name for him, too.

281. Junju

282. Kona

283. Pushkin

284. Trooper

285. Remy

286. Wailer

287. Ranger

288. Wonder

289. Ray Ray

290. Cinder

291. Zoelle

292. Feather

293. Phaedra

294. Moxie

295. Emmy

296. Tallulah

297. Minx

298. Ling Ling

299. Malani

300. Cruella (Cruella Deville)

How Do You Pick The Right Name For Your Puppy?

Sometimes, a good breeder will choose a name for every puppy in a litter. But most times, that fun, exciting job is left to the puppy’s new owners. So, how do you pick the right name for your puppy?

Let’s find out!

Goldendoodle Name Trends

As with baby names, dog names come in and out of popularity. So, there will be a trendy name or two around when you buy your puppy.

If you love the name, that’s great; go ahead and choose it for your puppy. Just be aware that you might find a dozen other Goldendoodles with the same name at the dog park!

Use A Baby Names Book

Often, you can find inspiration for a good puppy name in a baby name book. These books contain hundreds of names, typically with their meanings, too.


A great way of choosing your pet’s name is to have a few friends and family around and brainstorm ideas.

Often, someone in the group will come up with a brilliant name idea that no-one else even considered. Why not get the kids involved by offering a small prize to the person who finally comes up with the puppy’s name.

Make a list

As name ideas come to you, make a list of them so that you don’t forget any. 

Perhaps put the list on a board in your kitchen so that family members can add to it whenever they think of a good idea for a puppy name.

Draw From a Hat

Hand throwing a piece of paper with a name on it into a hat with other names

Once you have a list of potential names for your Goldendoodle puppy, how do you decide which one to pick?

Why not make an occasion of the name-choosing event by inviting everyone round who made suggestions?

Write all the names on pieces of paper and put them into a hat. Ask someone to draw a name out. How exciting!

Flip a Coin

If you’ve managed to narrow your name search down to just two final contenders, an exciting way of choosing your puppy’s name could be to flip a coin to decide.

Factors To Consider For Your Goldendoodle Name

When choosing your puppy’s name, there are a few important factors to consider:

Keep It Simple

Although Goldendoodles are intelligent dogs, don’t pick a long, complicated name unless you can use a short abbreviation.

Ideally, you want a short name with a maximum of two syllables. That’s easy for your puppy to learn and quick for you to shout!

Imagine you’re in the dog park and you need to call your dog. You don’t want a long name that takes forever to say and will be carried away in the wind.

Avoid A Name That Resembles A Command

Don’t choose a name that sounds like a command.

For example, “Dray” sounds very much like “Stay!”

So, if you’re calling your pup to come to you, he might completely misunderstand what you want and remain obediently rooted to the spot!

Can You Pronounce Your Goldendoodle’s Name?

That sounds strange, but it’s amazing how many dog owners pick a name that they find hard to pronounce. 

Make sure you can say your puppy’s name easily and without hesitating or stumbling over it. After all, if you can’t say your dog’s name, how on earth can he be expected to learn and understand it?!

Does Your Dog’s Name Have An Easy Nickname?

If you have your heart set on a long name for your puppy, does the name have an easy, abbreviated version that you can use?

Nicknames are especially useful if your dog has a fancy show name. 

A white Labrador Retriever named Milly stares at a dog bone collection which is arranged in a way that spells out his name

For example, “Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot” was the show name of a Scottish Terrier that won many prestigious showing classes during her life. That pooch’s nickname was “Sadie,” which is much easier and clearer to say.

Avoid Human Names

Although it might be amusing to name your dog after someone you know, that can be offensive to some people and is best avoided. 

Similarly, naming your puppy after a public figure can also upset some people. 

Also, human names are incredibly common for dogs, and that can be confusing at the dog park or the veterinary clinic.

Avoid In-Jokes

There might be an in-joke going around that you find very funny and you might think makes an amusing name for your dog.

But is that joke still going to be funny in 10 years’ time?

Don’t Pick Similar Names To Other Members Of Your Household

I would advise you to steer clear of names that sound similar to those of other people in your household, including pets.

Naming your puppy Ria, when the family tabby cat is called Tia, is asking for lots of confusion!

Why Picking the Right Name for Your Dog Is So Important

Your Goldendoodle could live for up to 15 years, longer in some cases, so it’s essential that you choose the right name for your dog.

Basically, your dog’s name is the signal you use to tell your pet when you want him to pay attention to you. So, the name you pick must be easy for your pup to learn and clear enough for him to understand even amid a melee of barking or on a windy day at the dog park.

How Long Will It Take My Goldendoodle to Learn His Name?

When teaching a puppy to respond to his name, it’s really down to consistency in training.

Don’t mix and match names! For example, don’t call your puppy Buddy one minute and Bud the next; you risk confusing your pet.

Goldendoodles are bright and intelligent, so you can expect your puppy to learn his name in a matter of days or two weeks at the most.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy our list of top Goldendoodle names?

Remember to choose a name that will be easy for your puppy to learn, and that doesn’t sound too much like the name of a member of your family or another pet in your household. Your super-cute little bundle of fluff could live to be 15 years old, so make sure that the name you pick is something that you love.

What name did you choose for your puppy? Was it one of the names on our list?

Share with us in the comments box below, and please share this list if you loved it!

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