30 Hilariously Bad Dog Haircuts

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Did you ever have a really bad haircut? I reckon we’ve all had a “do” that warranted wearing a hat for at least a month while we waited for the damage to grow out.

Well, take pity on these poor pups whose canine coiffeur went disastrously wrong.

Read our listicle of 30 hilariously bad dog haircuts and smile; we’ve all been there!

Top Hilariously Bad Dog Haircuts

Of course, if you take your precious pet to a professional groomer, you don’t expect your pampered pooch to come out with a hilarious haircut. However, if Fido wriggles at just the wrong moment, unfortunate haircuts can result!

And then there are the pet owners who decide to take the DIY route and avoid the grooming salon altogether, leaving their poor pooch with a pink turkey body and the quarantine haircut from Hell!

So, get comfortable and prepare to giggle at these 30 canine haircut casualties!

1. Bad Hair Day!

Really Bad Hair Day
Image Source: www.instagram.com

This poor pup has had the haircut from Hell! His owner has attempted a DIY Summer cut that’s just not cutting it. 

A Summer cut is a great idea if you want your dog to remain comfortable and cool during the summer months. But don’t go overboard!

2. Husky Horror Haircut

Husky Horror Haircut
Image Source: bestlifeonline.com

This awkward haircut is going to same some time to grow out!

Huskies have a thick double coat that’s designed to keep the dog warm during the bitterly cold winter months of the frozen North. In summer, the coat insulates the dog, keeping harmful UV rays away from the skin and keeping the dog cool.

In spring and fall, in line with increasing and decreasing levels of light and temperature fluctuations, Huskies “blow” their coats. That’s when the dense, fluffy underfur is shed and replaced.

Unless you live in a very hot climate, we would not recommend shaving a husky, as that can seriously damage the hair and could mean that the fur doesn’t grow back properly. 

3. Dramatic Haircut

Dramatic Haircut
Image Source: www.pinterest.com

Okay, so we think is most likely a Photoshop job. But that’s one hilarious haircut that no dog would want to have!

The key to a good dog haircut is to blend the lines of the coat so that there are no nasty, hard edges. This clip is a prime example of how not to do it.

4. Belt And Braces

Belt And Braces
Image Source: imgur.com

This belt and braces “style” is certainly right up there with the best crazy haircuts we’ve found!

We can only assume that the groomer wanted to make their dog look as though he was wearing dungarees. Cute.

5. Puff Ball 

Puff Ball 
Image Source: www.sadanduseless.com

Here’s a dramatic haircut that certainly makes the most of this pup’s silky hair and is undoubtedly the talk of the dog park!

This unfortunate dog looks more like a pufferfish than a dog. Pufferfish are very cute, but in the right watery environment and definitely not down at the dog park!

6. Nooo!

Image Source: www.instagram.com

This dog breed has a gorgeous silky coat but shaving the dog’s fur too short is a common mistake people make when they attempt a DIY “do.”

You can choose from different grades of clipper blades. Make sure that you ask a good groomer to recommend the correct size of blade to suit your dog’s coat and don’t go too overboard when shaving your pet. 

7. He’s All Ears!

He's All Ears!
Image Source: blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com

This dog owner didn’t quite get it right when she shaved her dog, leaving only her pup’s ears and silky hair topknot intact.

For the look to work, the groomer should have scissors blended the body hair into the head hair rather than simply shaving the whole dog and emphasizing his ears.

8. Pink Mohican

Pink Mohican

The cute pup’s face simply doesn’t suit that wild and wacky style at all. That said, if you want your dog to catch the eye at a Halloween party, this could be a look that might work when teamed with a great costume. 

9. Lion Cut Gone Wrong

Lion Cut Gone Wrong
Image Source: www.pinterest.com

This awful haircut has left this dog looking less like a lion and more like a shaved sheep!

Again, the body hair has been shaved far too short, and the hair around the dog’s neck and the head has been left long and not blended into the body hair. These are simple schoolboy errors that can be avoided. The clip should begin to look less alarming as the body hair begins to grow back.

10. Pom-Pom Tail Disaster

Pom-Pom Tail Disaster
Image Source: www.pinterest.com

A Golden Retriever is not a Poodle! Period.

Although this hairstyle suits many different Doodle breeds, it certainly is not a good look for a retriever.

Generally, the Poodle clip suits Doodles, Poodles, and dogs with that kind of curly coat. That cut on a straight-haired retriever simply looks wrong.    

Other Funny Dog Haircuts

11. Before And After Disaster

Before And After Disaster
Image Source: www.instagram.com

We think you’ll agree that this dog looked much better before his owner gave him this absolutely awful haircut!

Never mind, at least it will only take eight weeks for the hair to grow back! 

12. Don’t Be A Square

Don't Be A Square
Image Source: imgur.com

This freestyle haircut has left this poor pooch looking more like an ice cube than a dog!

The groomer has used scissors to create the square look that’s sometimes referred to as an Asian Fusion clip, which is currently extremely fashionable in grooming circles.

13. Gremlin!

Image Source: www.pinterest.com

This poor Yorkie looks just like an extra from the film, Gremlin. And that silky coat still needs combing daily to avoid mats and tangles.

14. Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day
Image Source: www.pinterest.com

This poor dog looks like a coat hanger! No wonder those big brown eyes look so unhappy!

15. Bunches

Image Source: www.pinterest.com

Well, it’s kind of cute, but somehow these bunches look a bit creepy on this poor little mite.

In fact, we reckon that flat, shiny hair could even be a wig! Now that’s extreme grooming taken to the max.

16. Short Cut

Short Cut
Image Source: twitter.com

Although this extreme lamb clip is a great idea for hot weather, it might be better left to a professional groomer. 

17. Elvis Lives!

Elvis Lives
Image Source: www.pinterest.com

This dog’s pet parents are clearly Elvis fans! Just take a look at that fabulous Elvis “do.”

Not only does that quiff look like it takes a lot of hairsprays to keep it in place, but the potential for mats and tangles is also mind-blowing.

18. Cartoon Capers

Cartoon Capers
Image Source: www.pinterest.com

There are some amazing groomers out there who just love to get involved in the extreme dog grooming competition world. Of course, if you do decide to use hair dye on your dog, always use the pet-friendly variety.

Meanwhile, check out this Goofy cartoon hair design for inspiration. What crazy design would you like to create for your furry friend?

19. Spikey “Do”

Image Source: www.pinterest.com

We think that this spikey haircut actually looks okay on this cute little pup. Even bottom-level groomers can pull off this cut, and it suits most coat types. To encourage the hair to stand up, try using a suitable canine hair product.

20. Zebra Dog Hairdo

Here’s another example of extreme dog grooming. This Poodle looks just like a zebra, bouncing around all over the backyard! Now, that really is going to cause a stir at the dog park.

21. Big Hair!

Big Hair
Image Source: imgur.com

If you love big hair, then this could be the perfect look for your dog.

The main drawback to this outrageous hairdo is that it will be prone to serious matting, so you will definitely need to do some serious combing and brushing every day to keep the hair healthy and tangle-free.

22. Hairless!

Image Source: www.pinterest.com

This poor dog has lost all its crowning glory in this drastic haircut. The clip looks as though the owner ran out of time to finish the job. To make matters worse, that bright pink turkey cut is going to take weeks to grow back and blend with the fur that’s been left to grow long.

23. Bumpy Back

Bumpy Back
Image Source: www.pinterest.com

This dog’s hair has been left looking very odd indeed. The all-over clip is fine, but what’s the deal with the odd line of lumps down his back? Perhaps the pup is going to a fancy dress party like a dinosaur?! 

24. Extreme Lion Cut

Extreme Lion Cut
Image Source: www.pinterest.com

This pup has had the ultimate Lion cut. In fact, the clip is so convincing that the little guy could easily be mistaken for a Lion down at the dog park.

25. Bad Bangs

Bad Bangs
Image Source: www.pinterest.com

This clip clearly illustrates a common mistake made by many amateur home groomers. The dog’s fringe has been cut straight across instead of being scissor blended, leaving this dog with a Beatle mop-top haircut to die for!

Before you begin clipping your dog, always have a clear vision in your mind of the kind of haircut you want to create. Ideally, have a picture or two on hand of the clip you want to use as a guide. If you’re not sure how to create the look, try searching online for a few YouTube instructional videos.

26. Lion Or Not?

Lion Or Not
Image Source: www.pinterest.com

Although the classic Lion cut suits many dog breeds, this pup isn’t exactly rocking the super-close shave and shaggy mane look. 

This clip would look much better if the body hair was left longer and blended more into the mane and head hair.

27. Extreme Goatee

Extreme Goatee
Image Source: blog.petcube.com

Now, a little beard can look very cute on any dog and does make for some adorable photos like the one below. But when teamed with a short all-over shave, that tuft of hair on the dog’s chin can look slightly hilarious.

28. Camel Cut

Camel Cut
Image Source: blazepress.com

This pup looks like he’s got the hump, literally! The groomer has carefully created this gorgeous camel clip, complete with the hump on the dog’s back and a tufty tail to complete the look.

29. Teacosy Hair

Teacosy Hair
Image Source: twitter.com

Dogs with curly coats can look very stylish when given a short all-over cut where some curls are left on top of the dog’s head. But this cut makes the poor pup look more like a tea cozy than a trendy dog.

Use grooming scissors to blend the hair and remove the severe line between the curly mop and the dog’s clean-shaven face.

30. A Cut Too Much

A Cut Too Much
Image Source: imgur.com

These before and after photos show the disastrous effect of taking a short clip too far. This pup undoubtedly looks better with his beautiful curly hair left on.

How Long Does It Take For Dog Hair to Regrow?

If you do have a doggy hairdo disaster, don’t panic!

Fortunately for you, and for your dog, a pup’s hair takes around eight weeks to grow out fully. So, if you make a mess of clipping your dog, you won’t have too long to wait until you can venture out in public again with your pet.

Of course, having made a mess of it once, we would always advise you to take your dog to an experienced professional groomer in the future!

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed reading our list of hilarious dog haircuts as much as we did compiling it! If these pictures made you smile, why not share them with other dog owners?

Clipping your dog at home can save you lots of cash on groomer’s fees in the long run. However, you do need to have a clear idea of what you’re trying to achieve and how to get the clip you want before you begin. For expert advice and guidance, have a chat with your local dog grooming salon.

Did your dog experience a home dog grooming disaster? It’s time to fess up in the comments box below!

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