Goldendoodle Puppies In Ohio – Best 5 Breeders

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Still trying to decide what kind of dog is right for you and your family? If you’re interested in a Doodle breed, you’re in luck! Check out our list of the best five Goldendoodle breeders in Ohio. From prices to temperaments, we’ve got everything you need to know to make an informed decision about your family pet.

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Top 5 Goldendoodle Breeders in Ohio

Keepsake Goldendoodles Of Ohio

Breeder Details:

Location: Norton, OH

Email: [email protected]

Contact: Click here!

Based in Norton, Ohio, Keepsake Goldendoodles is a premier breeder with experience in both Goldendoodles and Havanese. They offer a wide range of sizes, from mini Goldendoodles to standard, and have an application process to ensure their puppies find loving homes.

They have a guardian family program and provide lots of information on their website and ongoing support for families with their dogs.

Forever Goldendoodle

Breeder Details:

Location: Medina, OH

Phone: 330-704-0538

Email: [email protected]

Contact: Click here!

Pet Relief Fund: NA

At Forever Goldendoodles, they want you to succeed as a family with your new pup, so they’ve set up a program to give their puppies the best start possible. You’ll receive a few items to take home, such as a sample of the food they are currently eating.

They will also be there to answer your questions, even after you’ve adopted your Goldendoodle. They take pride in providing happy and healthy puppies and giving only the best to those who want a Goldendoodle.

Yesteryear Acres Goldendoodles

Breeder Details:

Location: Heath, OH

Phone: (740) 323-1910

Email: [email protected]

Yesteryear Acres raised their Goldendoodles in a family farm setting. Their pups are known for being calm, well-behaved, and backed with health testing records. There’s a two-year health guarantee included, and they have already started the puppies with training, potty training, socialization, and other activities.

Training services are available for your pup, and they have dedicated themselves to raising these faithful companions for 25 years.

Ohio Goldendoodle

Breeder Details:

Location: Waverly, OH

Phone: (740) 285-6607

Email: [email protected]

Ohio Goldendoodles, a family breeder, takes great pride in their dogs, raising them in a home environment with plenty of stimulation and even a start on potty training. Like most breeders on this list, there is a waitlist.

You’ll need to sign an application and contract before taking a puppy home. A $300 deposit applies and will go towards the total cost of the puppy. It is essential to talk with your breeder about any concerns or questions you may have.

Farmer Doodles

Breeder Details:

Location: Medina, OH

Phone: (330) 241-1342

Email: [email protected]

For more than 15 years of breeding experience, Farmer Doodles, a reputable breeder, has been breeding healthy, confident, and easily trained dogs with minimal shedding. Before giving you the best puppy possible, they conduct extensive health tests on their parents.

They work closely with your family to ensure the pup fits your lifestyle. They also provide helpful information on training, potty training, crate training, and other important matters to help you start off your relationship with your pup.

Why Do People Love the Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodle puppies are some of the most loveable and loyal breeds of dogs. These puppies make great pets, as they are sociable and energetic. Goldendoodles have beautiful coat colors that come in various colors, including standard colors.

They are low-shedding but require regular grooming to stay healthy. They’re also known as being outgoing and having proper socialization with socialization protocols. 

Goldendoodles are as intelligent as their parent dogs and can quickly learn new commands and tricks. While Goldendoodles can be very affectionate, they also need a good amount of exercise, so if you want to bring one home, invest in lots of walks around the neighborhood or playtime out in the park!

How Do I Pick a Good Breeder?

Choosing the right Goldendoodle breeder in Ohio can be hard. You want to make sure you find someone knowledgeable about this breed, who practices the breeding standards, and who is reliable and trustworthy.

If you can’t find a puppy in Ohio that fits, try Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota for places you might be able to get a puppy from.

Before deciding, asking questions about their breeding practices, such as how long they have been breeding Goldendoodles and what health tests they perform on their puppies, is essential. 

Ask about any guarantees or warranties that come with purchasing a puppy from them. Always, always visit the facility in person if possible, so you can get an up-close look at the breeding dogs and puppies to ensure they’re being raised in a healthy environment.

Unfortunately, I’ve been, just like anyone else, prey to backyard breeders since I started in the dog world. It’s critical that you pay attention to the surroundings when you go pick up your puppy. This creates a lot of excitement and behaviors when a new puppy is brought into the house, but to have a healthy puppy, I always knew to look out for backyard breeders.

By doing your research ahead of time to find a breeder that does ethical breeding practices, you’ll be able to find the perfect Goldendoodle puppy for your family environment and your needs.

Other Questions to Ask

Happy Goldendoodle getting pet

For first-time doodle parents, ensure you’re looking at high-quality doodle puppies before buying or putting down a deposit. Here are a few questions you should ask your breeder:

  1. Can I get a health certificate?
  2. Have you started any training with them?
  3. Will I need to have my own vet?
  4. Did you have any basic health certifications?
  5. Records of DNA health testing, health history, and health checks the puppy may have had?
  6. Are there any genetic health defects?
  7. Are you backed by ALAA or WALA?
  8. Are you an AKC breeder of merit?
  9. Do you have any puppy training services?
  10. What basic training do I need to start with?
  11. Are there any canine training programs or advanced puppy school training you would recommend?

There are many more questions you can ask of the breeder, but these are the most important. I find most, if not all, of these to be vital questions to ask. You’ll want to use these questions as a test to see how they answer before you commit.

How Long Does It Take to Adopt a Goldendoodle?’

Adopting a Goldendoodle puppy from a breeder typically takes 4-6 weeks. This may vary depending on the availability of puppies, as well as the individual policies of the breeder.

The adoption process is critical, and the selection process might not even happen until after the pup is paid for or after a nonrefundable deposit. Breeders want to ensure you’re getting a happy, active, and well-socialized friend.

You’ll want to have a vet scheduled before you bring your pup home, as they will need a canine health check to ensure your puppy is healthy. Some breeders require you to have all of their records or go through an interview. 

Puppy Mill Red Flags

Litter of Adorable White Goldendoodle Puppies in Grass

In buying a Goldendoodle puppy in Ohio, it’s essential to be aware of the potential red flags that could show an unethical breeder. These breeders often prioritize profit over the health of their puppies, so do your research before committing to any purchase. Here are some key things you should look for when searching for Goldendoodle breeders in Ohio.

  • Make sure the breeder will provide documentation of health tests and records.
  • Be wary if they are pushing you to buy a puppy without allowing you to see it in person first.
  • Avoid breeders who don’t offer guarantees or warranties for their Goldendoodles.
  • Look out for signs of overcrowding or neglect, such as too many puppies in one space.
  • Lack of proper care or subpar living conditions.

By doing your research and familiarizing yourself with Goldendoodle breeder red flags, you can ensure that you are getting a healthy and happy puppy from an ethical Goldendoodle breeder in Ohio.


How much does a Goldendoodle cost?

The cost of Goldendoodle puppies in Ohio can vary depending on the breeder but typically ranges from around $2,000 to $4,000. There may also be a nonrefundable deposit for the puppy. The price may also depend on factors such as the size and color of the puppy and any health tests performed.

Some breeders may offer discounts or special deals if you purchase multiple Goldendoodles at once. It’s essential to do your research before purchasing to get the best deal possible!

What are the negatives of a Goldendoodle?

Benefits of Adopting Rescued Goldendoodles

While they are undeniably adorable and cuddly, there are a few drawbacks to owning a Goldendoodle. The most common of these is that they can have an endless energy supply. They require frequent exercise and long walks to stay happy and healthy.

Goldendoodles also are quite vocal, barking at visitors or strangers to let you know they’re around. Finally, Goldendoodle puppies for sale in Ohio can range from very expensive to moderately priced, so budgeting is essential when considering adoption.

Is getting a Goldendoodle worth it?

Getting a Goldendoodle might be the perfect fit for some people looking to add a pet to their family. The breed is loyal, friendly, intelligent, and has low shedding, which is great for those sensitive to pet dander.

We know the breed for its adaptability and good temperament; Goldendoodles typically get along well with children, other pets, and strangers, and they have a calm nature. Since they require exercise and mental stimulation just like any other dog, one must consider the time that can be spent with the animal when making such an important decision.

From my experience, Goldendoodles are pretty friendly and biddable. They’re great pets for first-time owners. I had a friend who got a standard size and bought him, knowing they might have to run with him, but that was okay with her. I wouldn’t get an energetic one like that, but that’s not the style we follow. My husband nor I would be able to keep up. 

If you have the lifestyle to accommodate it and enjoy time outdoors, then getting a Goldendoodle can provide companionship without worrying about messes or excessive barking!

Is a Goldendoodle a low-maintenance dog?

Goldendoodle brown puppy at home

Goldendoodles are fairly low-maintenance but require regular grooming, including brushing and trimming their coats. They should also have their nails trimmed regularly to prevent them from becoming overgrown.

While they don’t need as much exercise as a purebred Golden Retriever, Goldendoodles need regular exercise and mental stimulation to keep them healthy and happy. They should also be taken out for walks daily.

Last, we should monitor them around young children, as their enormous size can make them seem intimidating. With proper care and training, Goldendoodles make great family pets.

Can Goldendoodles be left alone?

Goldendoodles are the epitome of a loving family pet, but the question of whether or not they can be left alone is a tricky one. While Goldendoodles love and desire human companionship, some can tolerate being left alone when given sufficient exercise and enrichment activities.

It’s important to properly socialize your Goldendoodle from an early age to ensure that he/she is comfortable spending periods of time by themselves.

Providing a chew toy or challenging problem-solving game might help keep their minds engaged and boredom at bay as a best practice for owners not to leave their Goldendoodle alone for too long; ideally, no more than four hours in any given period.


Do you have a Goldendoodle in your life? If so, we’d love to hear your stories! Maybe there’s a moment when your Goldendoodle did something funny or an exceptional achievement that made your heart happy.

Maybe, on the flip side, there was a difficult situation with a Goldendoodle that you overcame. Or perhaps you have experiences with other breeds of dogs and want to share them as well. Whatever it is, tell us about it—we want to celebrate these furry friends and the unique bond we share! So, let’s hear some Goldendoodle (and doggy) stories!

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