29 Cute Chihuahua Haircut Ideas – All The Different Types and Styles

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Do you own a chihuahua or know someone who does? If so, you know how much they love to be spoiled, and how irresistibly cute they can be. But you also might know how difficult it is to care for their small and delicate coats and fur.

The haircut you pick for your chihuahua can make or break their look, so you want to be sure that their hairstyle is just right. You’ll need to take into consideration many different factors before you start snipping away at that cute tiny coat of theirs.

So, how do you know which style will suit your chihuahua best? Here are some ideas for haircuts for full-grown chihuahuas, broken down by their unique shapes and characteristics.

Chihuahua Hairstyles and Types of Cuts

Having delved into the differences between long-haired and short-haired chihuahuas, let’s move on to the specific types of haircuts.

Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy Bear Cut Chihuahua e1645605480652
Image Source

The teddy bear cut is perfect for chihuahuas with thin coats. It gives them a teddy bear-like appearance, which makes them look extra dainty and cute. It is also an easy cut to groom since it doesn’t involve any shaving or trimming of fur – just a simple trim around the eyes, ears, and legs.

Chihuahua owners with a preference for short, well-kept hair should definitely consider this style. Not only will it make your chihuahua look stunningly adorable, but you’ll also save yourself from dealing with a lot of maintenance down the line.

If you have a long-haired chihuahua, you should be careful with this cut because it could expose some of the delicate skin around their neck. And if your short-haired pup has thick fur, you’ll need to shave along with the teddy bear cut to achieve that smooth look.

Summer Cut

Chihuahua Summer Cut

There are many different styles of shaved chihuahuas, but they all have one thing in common – they sport completely smooth coats!

If you prefer to keep your chis clean and free of unnecessary hair, then the summer cut is for you! It’s also a good choice if you’re looking for something unique that shows off your dog’s skin. This type of hairstyle can be done specifically to suit your dog’s unique physical characteristics, allowing them to look their best at all times.

Additionally, you can also opt to accessorize your chihuahua with cool items such as bandanas and bow ties to match the season. Just look at how adorable this chihuahua looks sporting a pair of shades with his summer cut!

Chihuahua Summer Dog

And if your pet has beautiful, big eyes, this cut is also perfect for drawing attention to them. Don’t believe us? Then check out this lovely female chihuahua with deep brown eyes and a summer cut!

Portrait of Chihuahua

Though we recommend going to a groomer for the most precise and best-looking summer cut for your pet, it is also possible to do it yourself. The video tutorial below provides a great and simple guide to shaving your chihuahua:

Puppy Cut

This is a true classic in terms of cute haircuts for chihuahuas and small breeds in general. It gives the dog an innocent and playful appearance that makes them seem irresistibly squeezable and lovable…just like puppies!

Another reason why this cut is perfect for chihuahuas is that it takes advantage of their natural hair growth patterns. Puppies grow dense fur on their heads, but the hair around the eyes and muzzle becomes sparser as they mature. This hair growth pattern can be replicated with shaving, which is why this type of cut works great for owners who want to achieve a groomed look without having to take hair trimming lessons.

Lamb Cut

Chihuahua Lamb Cut
Image Source

Let’s be honest – with their long, fluffy hair and cute little woolly coats, chihuahuas can make some of the best-looking lambs ever! This type of cut takes advantage of chis’ sweet and gentle appearance to achieve a look that is as adorable as it is hilarious.

This delightful haircut is perfect for owners who want to give their dogs a lift without going too extreme. It’s also a good choice if you’re not someone who likes spending a lot of time on your pet’s grooming routine.

Lion Cut

Chihuahua Lion Cut

This cut was made for long-haired Chihuahuas, especially those who have coats in a rasta color! We’re not kidding – when seen from a distance, it can almost seem like these dogs are wearing multicolored wigs that sit atop their cute little heads.

All jokes aside, we think that this haircut is perfect for chihuahuas with beautiful and distinctive fur. The contrasting colors of the coat against the shaved sides create an interesting look that practically demands attention. Just look at how beautiful this cut looks on the adorable chihuahua below!

Lion Cut Chihuahua

Show Dog

Chihuahua Show Dog Cut
Image Source

What makes a show dog cut unique is that it gives your chihuahua a sweetly innocent appearance without being too over the top. Dogs that routinely compete in show events have a more natural look, with their hair still being long and fluffy yet well-groomed.

To give you an idea of how this type of cut can look, check out how handsome these show dogs look standing next to each other:

Two Chihuahua sitting on the grass
Image Source

And don’t be fooled into thinking that this cut is only for chihuahuas with beautiful coats! Even shaggy-haired dogs like this guy below can also sport a show dog cut. Look how happy he looks with his tousled fur after a day of fun!

Chihuahua puppy 6 months old

Of course, a good haircut will make any dog look like a show dog, no matter what adventures they enjoy. This pup looks absolutely regal and charming surrounded by nature, and we think that it’s all because of the lovely haircut he has.

Portrait of nice chihuahua dog e1645673820369

Funny Chihuahua Cuts

In addition to the traditional cuts listed above, there are also chihuahua haircuts that look a little more unique… and some would say, funny. If being wacky and fun is something that appeals to you, we think that this would be the type of haircut you’d want to give your dog.

Fashion Week

Funny Chihuahua Cut

If you’ve ever watched The Devil Wears Prada, then you probably have a good idea of what it might be like to give your dog this type of cut. The way that the hair is dropped around the face and left longer makes this pup look like a certain fashion editor, doesn’t it?

Although this cut is definitely unique, it doesn’t stop this dog from giving us a sweet smile. It must be all the attention she gets when people see her! And frankly, we think that she deserves it after putting so much work into her hair. Go, girl!

Sergeant Pepper Chi

Chihuahua Beetles look
Image Source

The Beatles were one of the greatest acts in music history, but what would happen if they were dogs instead? We think that this cute little chihuahua might be a perfect candidate to take the place of Ringo Starr. How could you say no to that charming grin?

The Sgt. Pepper haircut belongs to dogs that look like this one, with their hair longer in the front and shorter in the back. It’s a great look for dogs with hair that is straight and flat, which is why it makes this pup look like she just stepped out of the past.

Blonde Karen Wig

Blonde Karen Wig
Image Source

Karens don’t have the best reputation, but dog owners who give this cut to their chihuahuas may be able to turn it around. We think that this pup’s blonde Karen wig certainly makes her more cuddly and adorable than she would be otherwise.

There’s something about this type of haircut that makes it easy to give the dog a huge, toothy grin. How can you resist that? After all, it’s hard not to smile when you’re looking at the sweetest face in the world.

Princess Pink

Princess Pink Chihuahua
Image Source

Look at those lustrous locks! We absolutely love the way this pup sports long, pink hair, and we think that the haircut gives her a very unique look. It will be even lovelier when she’s surrounded by flowers, which is why we think that this type of cut will be perfect for springtime.

Of course, the look is super glam, which is why we can picture this pup as an “it girl”. We think that she should definitely be included in the ranks of furry friends like Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, or the Duchess of Cambridge’s dog Lupo. Even then, she’ll still be the best-dressed girl in town!

Bright Pink Moment

Bright Pink Wig Chihuahua
Image Source

While the chihuahua prior sported baby pink, long locks, this pup decided to get a bright pink bob that screams fun! We think that the bold color looks absolutely radiant against the dog’s fur – if you have a dog with a darker coat, this cut might be even more striking!

If you’re looking for a chic and playful look that will make people smile, then this is the perfect way to draw attention to your pup. After all, everyone who sees this pup will be forced to notice her! Whether you’re at home or out and about, your dog will be the center of attention.

Dreadlocked Darling

Chichuahua Dreadlocked
Image Source

Do you see what we see? This chihuahua’s hair looks like dreadlocks, which makes us think that the pup might be a bit of a hipster. Maybe she enjoys checking out all of the local art galleries? Maybe she’s always at the farmer’s market buying organic food for herself and her family?

Either way, we think that this type of cut will be the perfect fit for a dog owner with a soft spot for bohemian-inspired looks. The pup’s hair is a bit wild, a little messy, and a lot artsy! If you want to express your creativity with your hairstyle, consider getting dreadlocks for your chihuahua!

Sideswept Emo Punk

Sideswept Emo Punk Chihuahua
Image Source

Did you think that emo chihuahuas only wore the hairstyle to keep their ears warm? Think again! We’ve discovered a different way for this pup to rock her cute locks – by rocking them sideways! The cut gives her a punk-like vibe that will make people stop in their tracks when they see her.

If you want to take your furry friend’s look to the next level, consider getting something very similar. It’s also easy to style, so you’ll be able to keep the look fresh and stylish even when you’re busy! Simply put, this cut is one you can’t miss out on.

Before and After

None of us need to be convinced of the power of a good haircut. For us humans, a trip to the salon can give us a new sense of self, a jolt to our confidence. Your pups deserve that same treatment. A great haircut can change the way your pup feels and acts, giving them a potential confidence boost. Just look at the before and after photos of these cute pups!

Good Boy

Chihuahua Summer cut good boy
Image Source

A lot can change after a haircut, but one thing stays the same – you’ll always have a good boy in your life. This pup’s adorable face never goes out of style, and we’re sure he’ll be as dapper as ever even after his new cut.

From the moment he steps outside, people will be stopping his left and right to take selfies with him. He’ll be a celebrity for the day! But don’t worry – he loves being admired. In fact, we think that all chihuahuas do, so if you have one who loves to turn heads, get them this new style and watch as they live their best life!

Big Smiles

long hair chichuahua haircut
Image Source

Nothing screams joy like a big smile, which is why this pup’s haircut makes us so happy. Not only does the cut give him an amazing new look, but it also lets him show off his playful and flashy side. The fur on top of his head is styled in a way that brings out its natural textures, and it’s the perfect finishing touch to his already adorable look.

The fact that the cut brings out his playful personality is a big plus for us – who doesn’t want to see their pup having fun? With this style, you’ll be able to show the world just how much your pup loves being the center of attention.

Silly Little Bear

Silly Little Bear Chihuahua e1645705809557
Image Source

Aww! We’re not too surprised that this little guy is getting tons of attention. Just look at how adorable he looks! We love the way his hair makes him look like a little teddy bear, and the bright hues of his coat are sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Pups with different kinds of fur are no problem for this cut – just look at how well it matches his coat! The clipper work around the neck and face helps to bring out his natural textures, and we’re in love. It’s the perfect little touch to an already adorable pup.

Foxy Chi

Foxy Chihuahua e1645705993823
Image Source

Frankly, chihuahuas are so adorable that almost any haircut will look good on them. This foxy-looking pup is proof of that. With an adorable little nose and dark features, he’ll surely be the life of the party anywhere you take him.

This cut is great for any pup who has particularly dark features, like this cutie right here. The tan color of his coat makes darker colors pop, which is great for pups with richer features. The clipper work below the chin is great too – it adds a bit of whimsy to his already adorable look!

Brand New Dog

Brand New Dog Chihuahua Cut
Image Source

One of the best parts about getting a new haircut is being able to show it off, so we understand the excitement of this pup! The cut accentuates his cute little face and adds brightness to his coat. It’s definitely an upgrade from the shaggy style he used to have!

This adorable little guy is lucky that his owner loves him enough to give him a brand new look. Not only does the haircut bring out the contours of his face, but it also brightens up their coat. It’s the perfect way to give them a brand new start!


Cloudy No More Chihuahua haircut
Image Source

As much as we love how this pup used to look like a dense little raincloud, we’re a lot happier with his new look! The clipper work around the neck and chops in the fur above the eyes add a bit of whimsy to this cut, which we love.

The fact that his hair retains its natural texture is great because it gives him an adorable fluffy appearance. We hope you have a blast walking down the street with your pup – everyone will be giving him lots of attention!

Clean and Defined

Clean and Defined Chihuahua Cut e1645707551525
Image Source

Sometimes, less is more, and that’s absolutely the case with this cut. We love how all of the shaved areas enhance the natural contour of his head, which makes him look even more adorable. Plus, our favorite part about this is definitely the messy chops on top!

This may not be the most intricate or exciting of haircuts, but it still brings out so much charm in this pup! With just a touch of whimsy at the top, he looks ready for adventure.

Fluffball Head

Fluffball Head Chihuahua Cut e1645708058107
Image Source

This fluffball is so adorable, we can hardly stand it! The way that his top curls slightly downward makes him look like a little puff of fur. His outfit even matches it — talk about holding the cuteness to an exact science!

The short style combined with the natural texture at the top gives this puppy both form and function. We love how easy he’ll be able to get into mischief without ruining his haircut, and you’ll be able to maintain it without a need for fancy grooming tools.

Neat and Trim

Neat and Trim Cut Chihuahua e1645709120967
Image Source

The crisp lines and the way that his hair seems to be growing out of his skin make this cut look like it came off of a family portrait. We love all of those cute little trims near the eyes, but our favorite part is definitely the shortness around his face and neck!

This pup couldn’t have picked a more perfect time to change up their hairstyle. With all of the crazy weather that’s been happening, he’ll be able to stay outside no matter what Mother Nature throws at him. We think that you’re going to love his new look!

Long-Haired vs. Short-Haired Chihuahuas

Before we delve into the details of specific cuts, it’s important to get an understanding of the major differences between chihuahuas that naturally have long coats, and those that have short ones.

  • Long-haired chihuahuas typically have sleek and shiny fur with a silky texture. They usually have a large mane around their necks that can grow into a full-fledged lion’s ‘do.
  • Short-haired chihuahuas, on the other hand, tend to have thinner and less lustrous coats with a slightly rough texture. They usually sport a much smaller mane in comparison to long-haired chis.

These different textures will mean that your chosen hairstyle will look very different from one type of hair to another. For instance, thin short fur is much more susceptible to split ends than longer silky locks…so you’ll want to take extra special care when grooming it! On the other hand, a mane of long hair can get unruly and big if it isn’t carefully contoured into the desired style, so you’ll need to be extra cautious when cutting around it.

You may also check our list of haircut ideas for other breeds:


Chihuahuas have lots of personalities, but a good haircut can help accentuate their best features. We hope that you enjoyed our collection of Chihuahua haircuts!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts below! We know that there are tons of other awesome haircuts out there, so let us know which one is your favorite in the comments!

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