37 Adorable Goldendoodle Halloween Costumes

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Goldendoodles are always up for fun with their human family. So, this Halloween, why not get your furry friend into the spirit of the occasion by kitting him out in his very own clever costume?

There are only a few weeks to go until the big night, so read this entertaining listicle now to discover 37 of the cutest and spookiest Goldendoodle Halloween Costumes on the market, if you dare!

What Is Halloween Anyway?

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

For many people, Halloween night conjures up images of cackling crones flying on broomsticks, ghouls and ghosts roaming haunted graveyards, and crowds of over-excited children in fancy dress costumes going out trick or treating.  

But whose idea was Halloween and where did its traditions come from?

An Ancient Festival

Halloween, or Samhain to give it its proper name, was an ancient Celtic fire festival whose name literally means, “End of summer”. Traditionally celebrated on October 31st, Halloween was originally intended as a festival to honor the dead, and acknowledge the Celtic year’s end. 

Celebrants believed that on this night the laws of time and space were suspended. The veil between the world of the living and that of the dead was magically at its thinnest, allowing easy communication between the two. Departed friends and relatives would often return as they journeyed to the “Summerlands”. So as not to cause alarm, their souls would take the form of familiar, friendly animals, often black cats; hence the association between those creatures and Halloween night.

Unfortunately, the powerful magic at work also meant that the fairy folk and other elementals that had crossed the veil would run amok on the earth making mischief and taunting unsuspecting humans. Venturing out after dark was not recommended, and travelers disguised themselves as ghosts or mythical creatures in an attempt to fool the trouble-making sprites into leaving them alone. 

Jack-o’-lanterns And Trick Or Treat

halloween jack-o-lantern pumpkins in autumn scenery

As an additional precaution, pumpkins and turnips were hollowed out and carved to resemble protective spirits. These were then lit with candles and placed outside people’s doors as a deterrent to spirits with mischief in mind.

Huge Samhain bonfires would be built on high ground, and a great feast was held to celebrate the festival. As part of the preparations, youngsters would be sent from door-to-door asking for items of food to be used as gifts to appease the Gods and to ask for firewood to fuel the bonfire.

People gladly handed over offerings for fear that if they didn’t, they would fall victim to mischievous sprites on Samhain night, or bring bad luck down on the household for the whole of the following year.

When the party was over, revelers would take lucky embers from the great fire home to their own grates to bring them good fortune during the coming year. The glowing embers would be transported in hollowed-out turnips or gourds, and folk would paint their faces with scary images to frighten away unwelcome spirits that might be encountered in the darkness.

So, that’s why we light bonfires, carry jack-o’-lanterns, and go trick or treating on Halloween! 

Who knew?

How To Choose A Halloween Costume For Your Dog

Therapy dog poodle encounters other dogs in costume on Halloween in Westwood California, Los Angeles

These days, Halloween is a fun holiday for all the family, including your Goldendoodle. 

Dogs have no concept of danger or risk when it comes to pet costumes, so it’s up to you to make sure that your Doodle has a fun, accident-free pawty by bearing in mind the following top tips.

Don’t Obstruct Your Dog’s Senses

Now, you know how annoying it can be if you wear a mask or glasses that obstruct your vision or your hearing? Well, just imagine how awful that would be for your dog! 

Although you might tolerate the inconvenience of not being able to hear or see properly in the name of Halloween fun, you must never expect the same of your canine companion. Your dog won’t understand why his senses have suddenly been taken away from him, and he will probably feel extremely stressed and anxious.

So, when choosing a costume for your Doodle, always make sure that your pet can see, hear, and smell without obstruction.

Avoid Choosing Costumes With Too Many Embellishments

Although a costume that’s festooned with dangling embellishments, beads, and spangles might look brilliant, those extras can be dangerous to your dog.

In the excitement of the evening, your dog might chew his costume to get at the bright, dangling ornaments on it. Beads and buttons can easily fall off, only to be picked up and eaten by a curious pup. Not only could your dog choke, but he might swallow something that later requires expensive surgery to remove. And that’s not a trick or treat anyone wants on Halloween!

Ensure Your Dog Can Move Freely

Some novelty pet costumes can be extremely restrictive for the wearer, preventing them from moving around freely and comfortably. You don’t want your Goldendoodle to feel that he’s trapped in his costume or is unable to relieve himself when he needs to, so mobility is a big priority when choosing a costume for your pet.

Bottom line: Your dog must be able to easily sit, stand, walk, lay down, and take a bathroom break when he wants to. If he can’t do those things, the costume is not suitable.

Make Sure The Costume Isn’t Flammable!

Although it’s encouraged by the fire service that we use LED candles rather than the real thing, naked flames are still an integral part of the Halloween celebrations for many people.

So, make sure that your dog’s costume is made from non-flammable, flame retardant material. If you go to a venue where real candles and lanterns are burning or there’s a bonfire, keep a very close eye on your Doodle. Keep him leashed and by your side at all times, and stay well away from danger zones. 

Ensure That Your Dog Is Visible

Going trick or treating and holding a Halloween party in your backyard are excellent fun, but it’s going to be dark outside. In all the noise, bright lights, and excitement, your dog might run away or become lost in the crowds. So, you must be able to easily see him.

If your dog is easily visible, he’s less likely to get injured if he runs out into traffic, and you can spot him if he tries to sneak a sausage off the barbeque, too! 

So, choose a costume that has hi-viz or fluorescent trim or add your own.

Keep Chocolate And Human Treats Out Of Your Dog’s Reach

Chocolate and some other human foods are highly toxic to dogs. In fact, if your dog ate a piece of fruitcake that contained raisins, he could finish up in the veterinary ER.

Keep your dog safe by keeping human candy well out of Fido’s reach and keep his nose out of your trick or treat bag! To include your Doodle in the fun, take some doggy treats with you.

Familiarize Your Doodle With His Costume

Before the big night arrives, take the time to get your dog accustomed to being kitted out in his Halloween costume.

If your pet isn’t used to playing dress-up, he’s bound to be somewhat flummoxed and bemused by his lion mane or Superman cape, so you need to allow your dog plenty of time to accept his new look.

 If your Doodle shows signs of fear, distress, or irritation remove the costume immediately; it’s not fair to expect your dog to suffer something he hates simply for your guests’ amusement.

37 Adorable Goldendoodle Halloween Costumes

Whether you want your pup to look cute, scary, or super-cool, we’ve sniffed out the perfect Halloween getup for your pet!

1. Walking Teddy Bear Suit

Walking Teddy Bear Pet Suit

This soft Teddy Bear costume brings a step-in hoodie that has padded arms and a super-cute bear hood. Your Goldendoodle will be the main attraction at every Halloween party or play date.

The suit is most suitable for dogs with short to medium legs and comes in various sizes.

2. DC Batman Pet Costume

DC Comics Batman Pet Costume, XX-Small

This Batman costume ensemble is perfect for an adventure-packed Halloween. The outfit includes a T-shirt, mask, and cape, perfect for the four-legged superhero to zoom into the festivities!

The costume features a hook-and-loop closure for easy dressing and a leash portal that’s perfect for action on the go.

3. Girl Pirate Costume

Pirate Dog Girl Costume

This pirate costume, complete with pointy sleeves, vest in red stretch cotton and a pirate hat made of print skull fabric, is perfect for a girl Miniature Goldendoodle who wants to cut a dash at a Halloween pawty!

4. Happy Cow Costume

Frisco Happy Cow Dog & Cat Costume

Your Goldendoodle is really going to stand out from the herd in this hilarious happy cow costume! So, get moooving and order one for your pet today!

5. Cute Prisoner Costume

Bootique Crooked Cutie Prisoner Pet Costume, XX-Small

You’ll love this Crooked Cutie Prisoner Pet Costume, especially if your Goldendoodle has a naughty side! 

The costume comprises a shirt, hat, and a “bad pet” sign; perfect for parades and playdates.

6. Cape And Pointed Hat Costume

Pet Halloween Costume Cape And Wizard Hat

This spooky witch costume is ideal for photoshoots and Halloween parties. The fabric used is comfortable, well-made, and easy for your pet to wear, and the “ahh” factor is sure to cast a spell over everyone who sees your pet!

7. Funny Cosplay Costume

Halloween Dog Costumes Funny Pet Clothes

This funny psycho outfit comes complete with a crazy wig to give your Doodle a weird and wonderful look that will make everyone smile.

The costume is best suited for larger dogs.

8. Lion’s Mane

Dog Lion Mane in white background

This store-bought lion headpiece transforms your Goldendoodle into the King of the Jungle in a jiffy!

The plush mane headpiece of this doggy lion costume is easy to fit and is made from high-quality polyester fiber that’s durable, easy to clean, and simple to fit. Whether you’re going to a Halloween party or just having fun at the dog park, this lion costume is guaranteed to be a roaring success!

9. Pizza Me Costume

Bootique Pizza Me Pet Costume

Your Goldendoodle is sure to get a pizza the action when he’s wearing this cute headpiece!

10. Stegosaurus Dinosaur Costume

Frisco Stegosaurus Dinosaur Dog & Cat Costume

Get ready for some old-school fun with your prehistoric playmate by transforming your Doodle into a Stegosaurus! 

This two-piece Miniature Goldendoodle costume comprises a dino head hat and a body complete with a tail and scales! The costume is easy to fit and remove via the simple neck and belly straps with hook and loop fastenings. 

When he’s wearing this brilliant dinosaur costume, you can be sure that your pet’s trick or treat fun won’t go extinct this Halloween!

11. Ghostly Dog Figurine

Marni Lighted Ghost Dog In Halloween Costume Figurine

Not every dog is keen on being shampooed, clipped, and dressed up. Instead, why not have this delightful ghostly dog figurine in pride of place at your Halloween party?

The dog holds a pumpkin jack-o’-lantern in his mouth that’s lit by an LED candle for safety. You can remove the candle and use the pumpkin to hold candy, and the decoration can be used indoors or outdoors on a covered porch.

12. Mustard And Ketchup Relish Costumes

Condiments Shirts For Pet Dogs Cats

Small dogs will look super tasty and squeezable when you dress them in his cute mustard and ketchup relish adorable puppy costume.

13. Action Hero Dog Costume

California Costumes Pet Action Hero Dog Costume Costume

Large-size Goldendoodles make excellent all-action heroes in this outfit. Your pup is sure to take the crowd by storm in his wig and red headband, brandishing a foam gun!

14. Superman Dog Costume

a dog wearing DC Comics Justice League Superman Pet T-Shirt With Removable Cape

Goldendoodles are undoubtedly super dogs, so this Superman costume is ideal for your hairy hero.

Even Kryptonite won’t stop your plucky pet when he’s wearing this outfit! The creative costume includes a comfortable T-shirt and a removable cape.

15. Frisco Showgirl Costume

Frisco Showgirl Dog & Cat Costume

Your lady Goldendoodle will certainly turn heads and put on a show in this costume collections Frisco showgirl outfit. The elaborate costume comes with a flashy sequinned top, embellished with a huge feathered skirt and plumed hat to match.

16. Halloween Dog Models

Lemax Spooky Town Trick or Treating Dogs Set
Image Source: www.michaels.com

Add the cuteness factor to your Halloween party display this year with a set of five trick-or-treating, decorative model dogs.

17. The Joker Costume

DC Comics The Joker Pet Costume Toy Set

Your Goldendoodle will have the last laugh as Batman’s nemesis when you dress him up as the Joker in this fun Halloween costume.

As well as the comfy two-piece costume, your pet gets a plush squeaky toy for added fun!

18. Red Lobster

Frisco Red Lobster Dog & Cat Costume

This easy-to-fit red lobster costume features a built-in leash hole so that you and your furry friend can show off this crustacean creation all over town.

19. Spider Costume

Halloween Simulation Plush Spider Costumes

Give the arachnophobic in your household a spooky surprise by dressing Fido up in this lightweight, plush spider costume! As an added bonus, this small costume will also fit the family cat.

20. Red Devil Horns

Devil Halloween Dog Costume

Even the best-behaved Goldendoodle can have the devil in him sometimes. This simple red devil horn costume is ideal for a photo prop or a fun Halloween costume for a large Doodle.

21. Medusa Crown Costume

BARK Mutt-doo-sa Crown Dog Headpiece

This Medusa snake crown costume doubles as a super-stretchy fabric tug toy! So, after the photos and Halloween parade, you can have hours of fun playing tug-o-war with your Doodle.

22. Black Bat Wings

Rypet Dog Bat Costume

These lightweight, easy-to-wear bat wings are the perfect costume for your pet this Halloween. The costume is well-made and won’t lose its shape, no matter how hard your dog plays!

23. Hotdog Costume

Frisco Hotdog Dog & Cat Costume

Your Goldendoodle will look super-cool in this hotdog costume! 

This outfit is best for large Doodles and is easy to fit with a hook-and-loop fastening. Just sit back and relish all the attention you and your canine companion will receive! 

24. UPS Costume

UPS dog Halloween costume

We’ve got your pet’s Halloween costume all boxed-off with this gorgeous UPS delivery man dog costume! The outfit comes complete with a cute hat and a parcel.

25. Dog Tuxedo

Kuoser Dog Tuxedo Dog Suit and Bandana Set

Your dog will make the perfect 007 at your Halloween pawty in this two-piece tuxedo set. The costume features a neck or bow tie with smart decorative buttons. 

26. Harley Quinn

DC Comics Harley Quinn Pet Costume & Toy Set, Small Medium

This Halloween costume offers hours of fun for you and your superhero canine companion, as it comes complete with a plush squeaky toy.

27. Chef Costume

Frisco Front Walking Chef Dog & Cat Costume

Your Doodle will be the five-star gourmet chef at your Halloween party in this cute costume. The two-piece walking costume features an adorable classic puffy chef’s hat

28. DC Comics Aquaman Illusion Costume

DC Comics Aquaman Illusion Pet Costume Set, X-Small

Goldendoodles love to swim, so what could be more fitting for Halloween underwater fun on dry land, check out this Aquaman Illusion costume. 

29. Panda Teddy Bear Headpiece

Pandaloon Panda Puppy Dog Pet Costume

Your pup is sure to win the cuteness prize at the dog park’s Halloween pawty in this Pandaloon costume, including a bamboo accessory.

30. Scarecrow Dog Costume

POPETPOP Scarecrow Dog Costume-Scarecrow

Follow the Yellow Brick Road with your Goldendoodle in this Wizard of Oz-inspired costume for Halloween this year.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Crafty dog owners might enjoy creating these DIY Halloween outfits for their furry sidekicks. Read on for costume inspiration.

31. Simple Dog Coat

Red checkered Dog Coat
Full tutorial at: www.creativebug.com

This simple dog coat is easy and quick to create. Choose a suitably spooky fabric design and perhaps add a few Halloween-related trimmings to your creepy creation. 

32. No-Sew Clown Costume

Clown Halloween Dog Costume
Full tutorial at: www.instructables.com

Not everyone is into needlework, and you can make this cute clown costume without using a single stitch. Now that’s funny!

33. Flower Dog Costume

Flower dog costume
Image Source: ww.flickr.com

Invoke a little flower power this Halloween with this pretty flower dog costume for Scratch that you can make from soft, wearable felt. 

34. Cerberus Costume

Cerberus Costume
Image Source: www.instagram.com

Turn your faithful pup into Cerberus, the Hound of Hades by getting creative and making this three-headed dog costume. Scary!

35. Loki Dog Of Mischief

Toothless Costume
Image Source: www.instructables.com

If your Doodle has a cheeky side, try creating this Loki Dog of Mischief Halloween costume to really bring out his personality!

36. The Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf Of Wall Street
Image Source: www.instagram.com

This costume is so simple to make and is perfect for a Halloween party. Just don’t strike a deal with this wily Wolf of Wall Street!

37. Custom Dog Sweater

Knit a Custom-Fit Dog Sweater
Image Source: www.creativebug.com

Knit your dog his very cozy costume to keep him cozy on a chilly, misty Halloween night.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy our list of cute doggy Doodle costumes? If you loved it, please share!

Halloween night is full of fun for kids, adults, and pets alike. So, get ready to spook your friends and neighbors when you and your creepy canine go trick or treating this year by disguising your pup in a haunting Halloween costume!

What Goldendoodle Halloween costume did you choose for your ghostly Goldendoodle? Tell us in the comments box below!

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