24 Cute Havanese Haircut Ideas – Different Types and Styles

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The Havanese is an adorable purebred dog with a gorgeous coat!

These delightful little dogs were bred in the 1800s as companion pets for members of the Cuban aristocracy. In fact, the Havanese is the National dog of Cuba!

Today, the Havanese is still extremely popular with families, being loved for their friendly, loving temperament and beautiful, thick coat. But those looks come at a price, and regular grooming is crucial to keep your Havanese dog’s fur healthy and tidy.

Keep reading to discover 24 cute Havanese haircuts and hairstyle ideas!

24 Cute Havanese Haircut Ideas

Havanese hair can be straight or wavy and is beautifully silky and soft. If left to grow out completely, that luxuriant fur can grow to a length of 6 to 8 inches! For that reason, the Havanese breed was often referred to as the “Havana Silk Dog.”

Like many similar breeds, the Havanese has a double coat. The double coat consists of a thick, fluffy layer of underfur that keeps the pup warm in cold weather and shields him from the sun’s UV rays in the summer. The outer coat is formed of water-resistant and UV-resistant guard hairs. 

Havanese shed their soft, fluffy undercoat. The hair gets caught in the guard hairs of the outer coat, where it can form mats if you don’t spend time brushing your dog every day. So, even though some pet parents say their Havanese don’t shed much, I would recommend daily brushing and regular grooming to prevent matting.

Remember that, even if you have your Havanese clipped, you still need to brush the coat at least every other day to prevent tangles and mats from forming.! For that reason, and to prevent matting, you need to brush your Havanese thoroughly every day. Alternatively, you might prefer to take a trip to the groomer.

But what’s the best hairstyle for your pet?

We’ve tracked down 24 different Havanese haircuts to give you a few ideas.

Types of Coat

1. Natural Coat

Natural Coat Havanese e1646114882393
Image Source

The Havanese natural coat type is wavy or straight. This picture shows a pup with a wavy coat, and there are lots of Havanese haircut styles that are perfectly suited to this hair type.

2. Corded Hairstyle

Corded Hairstyle e1646115783812

If the Havanese coat is allowed to grow out, it will eventually form cords.

Although cording is more frequently associated with the Poodle, it’s also seen in show-quality Havanese dogs.

Basically, the hair is left to grow long so that it forms long, fluffy spirals. The groomer then teases the fur into locks or cords. Despite its appearance, the corded look is not easy to maintain.

This hairstyle is reminiscent of a Rastafarian dreadlock hairdo and looks incredible. However, this hairstyle is extremely difficult to maintain and should only be tackled by an experienced groomer to prevent the hair from matting.

Havanese Haircut Types

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most popular Havanese haircuts you can choose for your canine companion.

Some of these haircuts can be done at home with a little practice, some guidance from an experienced groomer, and a quality pair of clippers. However, others are best tackled by a pro groomer in a well-equipped grooming salon.

3. Puppy Cut

Puppy Cut Havanese e1646116368540
Image Source

The Puppy cut is an extremely popular hairstyle for many dog breeds, including Havanese. The clip is generally referred to as a Puppy cut, but it’s just as good for adult dogs, too.

The wavy coat of the Havanese is ideally suited to this adorable style, especially if your pet’s coat is prone to mats and knots. With the Puppy cut, the dog’s body hair is shaved to a ½ inch or ¾ inch all-over. The face, ears, and tail are trimmed with scissors so that it resembles a plume.

Although the Puppy cut is a minimalist style, you still need to allow enough time to thoroughly brush your dog’s coat every day to keep mats at bay.

4. Ever-Popular Style

Cute haircut Havanese
Image Source

This Puppy cut sees the dog’s hair left a little bit longer on the head, producing a delightful, cute look that really suits this pup.

5. Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy Bear Cut Havanese e1646139540934
Image Source

The Teddy Bear coat style is a perennial favorite with dog owners of many different breeds, including the Havanese.

This fun hairstyle is another good option if you want a short hairdo for your Havanese. With the Teddy Bear cut, the hair is clipped to approximately ½ inch or ¾ inches in length all over the dog’s body. The tail is shaved, and all the facial furnishings are neatly trimmed to create a rounded look that gives the pup the look of a gorgeous cuddly toy.

We think that this is one of the cutest hairstyle options for Havenese. The Teddy Bear cut is also a practical choice for active dogs that need regular baths and owners who don’t want to spend hours brushing their pup every day. This short cut is also excellent for preventing matting and for dogs with skin conditions.

Cute Havanese Haircuts

6. Just Adorable!

cute short cut havanese

Of all the Havanese styles we’re going to look at in our guide, this cute short cut is one of our favorites!

7. Perfect Hair

reddish havanese puppy dog

This little guy has the perfect style for his wavy coat of hair. His silky hair lends itself to most Havanese hairstyles, including this low-maintenance “do.”

8. Kennel Cut

Kennel Cut Havanese

The Kennel cut is designed specifically with active dogs in mind. Essentially, the Kennel cut is a short, all-over clip that’s ideal for a busy household where brushing time is at a premium.

This hairstyle is great for dogs prone to developing mats and tangles and those who suffer from skin conditions. The shorter coat length enables easy access to the skin for the application of topical medication and allows good airflow, preventing the growth of bacteria and fungus.

9. Adorable Puppy

Adorable Havanese Puppy

With a short haircut, you can extend your time between salon visits and save some cash on expensive groomer fees in the process. 

Often, you can keep the original clip looking tidy by trimming it yourself with grooming scissors a set of high-quality clippers.

10. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks Havanese
Image Source

As mentioned earlier, you can leave your Havanese dog’s hair to grow into spirals or cords that resemble a deadlock hairdo. However, this messy “do” is a high-maintenance option that must receive regular attention from a pro groomer who has experience in grooming corded coats.

11. Buzzcut

Buzzcut Havanese
Image Source

This little guy has a Buzzcut hairdo. This is the ideal style for your dog if you live in a very warm climate. 

12. Ruffled

Ruffled Havanese e1646154288864
Image Source

This gorgeous little lady has a short cut to keep her coat looking tidy but to enhance the look; the groomer has left the ear hair long. Gorgeous!

13. Show Cut

Show Cut Havanese

The Show cut on this Havanese has been clipped much shorter than would normally be done for the show ring, producing a more practical, manageable clip. 

Usually, the show cut entails leaving all the dog’s fur to grow long, almost down to the ground.

14. Show Cut Again!

havanese grooming e1646157760117
Image Source

This Show cut is closer to the style that you’ll see in the show ring. The dog’s facial hair has been combed out and pulled back into a topknot. Cute.

15. Fluffy Show Clip

Beautiful lying chocolate Havanese dog

This little guy looks just like a huggable Teddy Bear. The pup’s hair has been allowed to grow long and fluffy, and we just love that drooping mustache!

16. Messy Hairdo

Messy Hairdo Havanese

So, if you leave your Havanese dog’s wavy hair to grow out, you end up with a messy, natural look. Actually, we love this bedhead style. What do you think?

17. White Wonder

Beautiful Havanese

This gorgeous white Havanese has beautiful long, silky fur that’s been carefully brushed to remove any tangles and mats. Doesn’t he look divine?

18. Thick Coat

Cute tango havanese

There’s no danger of this Havanese feeling the chill with all that thick fur. But you definitely need plenty of time to brush him.

Before And After Pictures

Deciding what hairstyle to go for can be very difficult. After all, you don’t want to come out of the groomer wishing you hadn’t done it! 

So, we’ve put together this collection of before and after pictures to give you an idea of how your Havanese would look.

19. Tidy Short Cut

Tidy Short Cut
Image Source

This little dog had fluffy, overgrown hair. The groomer has transformed him into a neat and tidy puppy, trimming the facial hair so that the pup can see where he’s going again!

20. Summer Cut Chic

Summer Cut Chic e1646158604106
Image Source

These pictures illustrate perfectly what a huge difference a haircut can make! Check out this messy pup’s super chic new Summer cut. Nice!

21.  Tail Style

havanese Tail Style e1646158752962

This plume tail makes the most of the Havanese silky fur. Of course, you must remember to brush the hair thoroughly every day to keep mats at bay.

22. Topknot

Topknot havanese

The topknot is a very popular addition to many of the popular Havanese clips and is definitely something that any owner can achieve at home.

All you need to do is comb your pet’s hair thoroughly to remove any tangles and then pull the fur back into a paintbrush or topknot on top of the dog’s head. Fasten the topknot into place with a cute ribbon or hair clip, and the look is complete.

23. Clean Face

Clean Face havanese
Image Source

The Clean face look is a style that goes well with many of the clips we’ve covered in this guide. 

You can either shave the facial hair off completely or trim off the mustache, beard, and eyebrows with scissors to leave a tidy look. The Clean face usually sees the ear hair trimmed or clipped off completely, too.

24. Modified Face Trim

Modified Face Trim

The Modified Face trim is a variation on the Clean face cut. With this hairstyle, the groomer leaves more of the dog’s facial hair on so that you can more clearly see the facial furnishings.

This look works best with longer hairstyles.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed our guide to the different Havanese hairstyle options and cuts that you can choose for your Havanese. Please take a few moments to share this article if you loved it!

As shown in our guide, the Havanese has a thick, silky coat that can be left to grow long or coiffeured into various hairstyles. When you consider that a trip to a professional groomer can cost anywhere from $40 to $80, you can see why many owners decide to take a few lessons, invest in a good quality pair of clippers and shave their dogs at home.

Do you own other dog breeds? You might also want to check out our posts about haircut ideas for other breeders:

Did you take the DIY route to clip your Havanese? What style did you go for? Tell us how you did in the comments box below.

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