23 Cute Shorkie Haircut Ideas – All The Different Types and Styles

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The Shorkie or Shorkie Tzu is a mixed breed dog that’s produced by crossing a Yorkshire Terrier with a Shih Tzu. These are small dogs that can have several different coat types, ranging from straight and silky to rough and curly, depending on which of the parent breeds the puppy most takes after.

Like many designer breed dogs, the Shorkie has a double coat, so daily brushing is essential to keep the coat in good condition and free from mats and tangles. However, most Shih Tzu-Yorkie Mix owners opt to have their pet’s coat clipped regularly. Since this is a mixed breed, there’s a wide range of hairstyles to choose from.

Keep reading to discover 23 cute Shorkie haircuts and hairstyle ideas that might suit your beloved pet.

23 Cute Shorkie Haircut Ideas

In our list, we’ve included plenty of hairstyles for your Yorkie Tzu that you might want to try yourself at home.

There are also lots of more complicated cuts that are best tackled by a professional groomer. For example, if your Shorkie takes mostly after his Yorkshire Terrier parent, he could grow top-knots and floor-length hair that needs regular grooming to keep it tidy.

1. Puppy Cut

Small Yorkie Shih Tzu Dog in Grass

Yorkshire Terrier Shih Tzus are a low-shedding designer breed. However, these mixed breed pups still need brushing every day to keep their coat in good condition and prevent tangling. So, many owners of this popular dog breed opt for the Puppy cut.

The Puppy cut is not confined to Shorkie puppies! This basic style is also perfect for adult dogs. If you want to save yourself some grooming time or if you have a very active lifestyle where your pet tends to get down and dirty in the dog park or at the beach, this short all-over trim c n be the perfect option for you.

The Puppy cut involves clipping the coat all over to a  length of about 1inch. Some groomers remove the leg hair and carry out a clean face cut, but t at’s optional, depending on your personal taste.

2. Smoothie

Small breed shorkie dog adventures in the Georgian bay

This cutie is rocking t e smooth, laid-back look with his smart Puppy cut. Shorkie puppies do look gorgeous with a slightly longer coat that shows off the Yorkshire Terrier parent’s silky fur, and this longer trim illustrates that perfectly.

3. Pretty Puppy

Shorkie puppy outdoors looking very shaggy and scruffy

This Puppy cut makes the most of Shih Tzu’s facial hair with a slightly long r face trim that leaves the cute beard and mustache in place.

4. Summer Cut

Small shorkie dog shih tzu yorkie mix standing on the rocks of Georgian bay looking proud

The Shorkie is a heat-sensitive breed that can suffer from health issues, such as heatstroke, during the hot summer months when the weather is humid. So, if you live in a region where the summer weather tends to be very hot, the Summer cut could be a practical choice of hairdo for your pup. A thick, dense coat is one of the most common mixed dog breed traits, so the summer cut is also a very popular choice for lots of other designer breeds, including Yorkipoos and Schnauzers.

Essentially, this hairstyle is simply a very short all-over shave. Some owners also clip the dog’s face, but that’s really down to your own personal taste. You might also fancy attempting the Summer cut at home to save some money on groomers’ costs. However, like many mouthy breeds, Shorkie Tzu grooming can be a challenge unless you have a proper grooming table equipped with a professional groomer quality restraint to keep you and your pup safe during his hairstyling experience.

Many owners give their Shorkie a Summer cut in the late spring when the weather heats up, leaving the coat to slowly regrow during the warmer months so that the dog has a cozy coat when the cooler weather arrives in fall. However, if you want to save on brushing time or you have a very active dog, you might want to maintain a Summer cut year-round.

5. Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy Bear Cut Shorkie
Image Source

As the name of this haircut suggests, the Teddy Bear cut gives your Shih Tzu Yorkshire Terrier the look of a super-cute stuffed toy! This is a very simple haircut to do, but it’s that adorable look that makes this one of the most popular canine hairstyles around.

The Teddy Bear haircut involves shaving the dog’s hair to a length of roughly ½ an inch in length all over the body. The silky hair of the dog’s face is very carefully scissor-trimmed to create a round shape that is then combed out or fluffed up using a hairdryer to create a round, fluffy Teddy Bear look. 

This shorter hairstyle is also very useful if you have a dog with genetic health issues such as skin allergies caused by the hair becoming matted. That said, even a short haircut needs brushing every day to keep tangles and mats at bay.

More Shorkie Haircut Ideas

6. Cute Shorkie Puppies

If you were in any doubt about just how cute the Shorkie puppy is, take a look at this YouTube video! These little guys look a bit young for a haircut, but they should be ready for a trip to the groomers between 2-3 months of age.

7. Little Sweetie

Little Sweetie Shorkie
Image Source

This tiny little Shorkie puppy looks just gorgeous with his trendy Puppy cut!

8. Short Cut

Short Cut Shorkie
Image Source

Shorkies can be active, lively little dogs that are full of fun, and short haircuts are actually the perfect option for you if you have a dog that tends to get dirty and needs bathing regularly.

This pup in his lifebelt looks like he’s about to enjoy a swim or perhaps a bath to keep that neat trim clean.

9. Fluffy Ears

Fluffy Ears Shorkie
Image Source

A very short haircut can look rather severe, but you can soften the look by leaving the facial and head hair to grow longer. Simply trim the hair with scissors periodically to keep it tidy and out of your dog’s eyes.

10. Black Beauty

Black Beauty Shorkie
Image Source

This little black beauty looks gorgeous in his short Summer clip. The short chest hair also accentuates the pup’s pretty white bib.

11. Pretty Summer Cut

Pretty Summer Cut
Image Source

This pretty Shih Tzu Yorkshire Terrier has had his outer hair trimmed short, while the facial hair and head hair has been left quite long. If you opt for this style, remember that Shorkie Tzu coat care dictates daily brushing is required to keep the fur tangle-free and in good condition.

12. Show Cut

Show Cut Shorkie
Image Source

The Shorkie show cut makes the most of the breed’s cute face and silky hair. 

The fur is clipped all-over to leave around 1 inch of hair length on the body. The legs are scissor-blended into rounded feet. The head and face are trimmed as for a Puppy cut, and the ears are left longer to emphasize the breed’s pretty face.

13. DIY Puppy Cut Tutorial

If you’re keen to try clipping your Shorkie yourself at home, take a look at this Puppy cut tutorial. You’ll need a good quality set of dog clippers, a grooming kit, and plenty of time to take on this project!

14. Silky Smooth

Silky Smooth Shorkie
Image Source

This little lady looks all ready to enter the show ring with her gorgeous short haircut and long silky ears.

15. Pro Groomer Tutorial

Here’s another excellent tutorial, this time brought to you by an experienced professional groomer.

Before And After Photographs

Having your dog clipped is a big step for many Shih Tzu Yorkshire Terrier owners. So, you want to have a good idea of how your dog will look after his fur has gone. To give you a clue, we’ve included a range of before and after photographs that will show you just what you can expect your dog to look like after his hairdo.

We also recommend that you have a chat with an experienced professional groomer for advice on what style of haircut would most likely suit your dog the best.

Don’t panic if things don’t go entirely according to plan. Your Shorkie’s hair will regrow in around eight weeks, and you can choose a different “do!”

16. Who Knew!

Shorkie clean cut before and after e1646067051411
Image Source

Who would have guessed that this gorgeous, sharp-featured puppy would emerge from underneath that thick bush of hair! This clip just goes to show what a difference a haircut can make.

17. Crowning Glory

Crowning Glory Shorkie
Image Source

This Shorkie’s haircut has grown out, so his owner has had her pup’s coat trimmed. We loved the little guy’s fluffy, cuddly toy look before he had his haircut, but he looks very pleased with his new “do.”

18. The Long And Short Of It

The Long And Short Of It Shorkie e1646069383215
Image Source

This Shorkie’s haircut has grown right out, leaving him looking a tad scruffy and messy. Check out the difference when that tangled hair has been removed!

19. Teddy Bear Before And After

Teddy Bear Before And After e1646069492775
Image Source

These photographs clearly illustrate how your Shorkie might look without a full, fluffy coat when he’s been transformed by this Teddy Bear cut.

All that dense hair is not good for your dog’s physical health. There’s a danger of the dog overheating in warm weather, fleas and other parasites could take refuge among the thick fur, and it would be very easy for the fur to become matted close to the skin.

20. What A Transformation!

gorgeous new puppy cut
Image Source

This tiny pup looks amazing with his new haircut, and we think he looks much happier, too. After all, he must feel a million dollars with that gorgeous new puppy cut.

21. Seeing Double!

gorgeous new puppy cut Shorkie e1646070375413
Image Source

Is this a before and after the photoshoot, or are these two pups brother and sister?

Here you can see what a huge difference even the smallest trim can make to your Shorkie’s look.

22. Messy To Perfect

lola before after
Image Source

We think you’ll agree that this Yorkshire Terrier mixed breed looks much tidier after her new haircut. This short clip leaves plenty of hair on the dog’s head that can be fluffed out to create that iconic Teddy Bear look that so many owners love.

23. Short Trim

Short Trim Shorkie e1646073296446
Image Source

A short trim can really work wonders on your dog’s look. We love the way this neat clip brings out the dog’s pretty face and huge brown eyes without removing all that gorgeous silky facial hair.

What Is The Shorkie Coat Type?

 Shorkies are also known as Yorkie Tzu, Shorkie Tzu, and Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix.

These little dogs make excellent apartment dogs and can do well in a family environment or as a companion for seniors and active adults. The main issue with these pups is that they tend to be barkers, so if you don’t want a yappy dog that might annoy your neighbors, the Shorkie might not be the best choice of pup for you.

However, these gorgeous little pups are loyal, loving, active, and faithful. But what about the Shorkie coat and grooming requirements?

Shorkie Coat Type And Grooming

White Shorkie in outdoor

Shorkies usually have a mixture of both their parents’ coats and colors. So, you can have a Shorkie puppy that’s brown, red, blue, black, and white or any combination of those colors.

Even though the Shorkie is only a small size dog, they are pretty high maintenance when it comes to coat care. So, if you decide to take home one of these little guys, you’ll need t  leave plenty of time aside for brushing and grooming your pet.

The coat itself is generally straight and medium-to-long Since the fur is low-shedding, this designer breed of dog is considered to be a good choice of pet for those who suffer from allergies. That said, no matter what style of the clip you choose for your Shorkie, you’ll still need to brush your furry friend every day to prevent the fur from becoming tangled, knotted, and forming mats.

As well as daily grooming, you’ll need to take your Shorkie to the groomer every six to eight weeks. As you’ll see from the collection of before and after photographs that we’ve included later in our guide if you wait too long between visits, your pup’s fur quickly become overgrown and messy. A trip to a professional grooming salon can work out pretty expensive over time, as every visit generally costs between $40 and $80, depending on what services you ask the groomer to perform.

What Style Of Shorkie Clip To Choose?

Shorkies are not well-suited to extremes of weather. These dogs can be prone to heat stroke and sunburn in a very hot climate, and they feel the cold in the winter.

So, you need to go for a shorter clip in the summer and perhaps put sunscreen on your dog’s sensitive areas, including the nose, ears, and areas where fur is thin. In the winter months, your dog will most likely need to wear a coat when you’re walking or playing outside, and your groomer will probably advise you to go for a longer hairstyle for your pet.

Final Thoughts

Did you love our guide to all the different styles and Shorkie haircut ideas we could find on the internet? If you enjoyed the list, please remember to share it.

Professional grooming fees can range from $40 to $80, depending on what kind of clip you want and what other services the groomer performs for you. However, you can take the DIY route and have a go at clipping your Shorkie at home if you want to. Check out the video tutorials we’ve included in this guide to find out what you could be letting yourself in for!

We’d love to know what haircut you picked for your Shorkie! Did you have a go at the DIY approach or did you take our pet to the pro groomer? Tell us what you did in the comments box below.

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