Short Labradoodle Haircut Styles

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Labradoodles need a regular haircut to keep their coats tidy. There are lots of different clips to choose from.

For example, if you want a low-maintenance, practical style that suits an outdoorsy lifestyle, you might want a summer cut. Or you might prefer the ultimate cute puppy cut!

To find the perfect “do” for your Doodle, read this guide to discover 22 awesome short Labradoodle haircut styles!

22 Short Labradoodle Haircut Styles

In this list of Labradoodle haircut styles, we’ve included a few straightforward clips that you can attempt yourself at home. There are also some more complex styles that your pro groomer can take on.

1. Puppy Cut

Short Puppy Cut Labradoodle

The Puppy Cut is one of the most popular Doodle clips that’s ideal for any coat type.

This type of haircut works well on adult Labradoodles as well as puppies. The puppy cut is basically a ½-inch or ¾-inch all-over shave. The dog’s ears and face are trimmed, and his tail is trimmed to create a beautiful, feathered plume.

2. Neat Trim

pet labradoodle grooming in salon

This Puppy Cut grooming style includes neatly trimmed rounded feet. In a variation on the theme, this groomer has left the Doodle’s facial furnishings untrimmed.

3. Fluffy Puppy

red cobberdog aka labradoodle pup e1659855104318

This fluffy puppy looks super cute with his gorgeous puppy cut!

Puppy cuts are a great option in the summertime if you want to keep your poor Doodle from overheating. The short haircut helps to keep the pup’s body temperature down, making this the ideal “do” for thick-coated breeds.

4. Shaggy Puppy

Beige Labradoodle dog

This Labradoodle is rocking a lengthier haircut while still sticking to the Puppycut style.

A slightly longer length is a good choice for a Doodle with a wavy or curly coat.

5. Curly Tail Cut

Labradoodle standing outdoor

The beauty of this type of haircut is that the basic style is very versatile. 

In this version, the dog’s tail has been left longer and curlier, giving the dog the look of his Poodle parent.

6. Bad Haircut!

Puppy Cut Shaggy labradoodle

Of course, we’re joking! This is definitely not a bad haircut, it’s a shaggy version of the Puppy Cut, and it looks absolutely gorgeous on this cheeky little chap!

7. Curly Cut

Grey labradoodle against grey background

If you don’t want the hassle and expense of taking your Labradoodle for frequent haircuts, you might want to leave your dog’s coat a little longer.

That can work very well, as you can see from this curly, lengthier haircut.

8. Winter Coat

Fleece Coated Labradoodle

Although the Puppy Cut is really a Labradoodle summer hairstyle, it can also be ideal for wintertime if you leave the coat length a little longer.

9. Overdue Hairdo!

A black labradoodle stands in a green field, waiting to play

This Doodle is clearly in need of a pro grooming experience sooner rather than later!

Labradoodles with curly hair like this one do best with their coat shorter as that prevents the dreaded coat mat.

10. Beautiful Blonde

Beautiful Blonde

This gorgeous cream-colored Labradoodle has those curly coat attributes that many owners envy!

Of course, this type of coat requires daily brushing to keep it free from tangles and mats. That said, we think that’s totally worth the extra effort for a dog that looks this good!

11. Hot Summer Season

Golden Labradoodle sitting on the grass

This delightful golden Labradoodle has inherited plenty of his Poodle parent’s DNA.

Doesn’t that glorious golden fur look absolutely gorgeous with a professionally groomed hot summer season longer-length puppy cut?

12. Chewbacca!

Brown Labradoodle dog in a white background

This incredibly beautiful curly-coated Labradoodle certainly needs to keep up with his grooming appointments and needs lots of everyday grooming to keep his fur tangle and mat free.

With his longer-length coat, this pup has the exact haircut of Star Wars’ Chewbacca!

13. Summer Cut

Summer Cut Labradoodle

This Labradoodle’s smart Summer clip is similar to the previous haircut we looked at. However, the Summer Cut is generally a little shorter than the Puppy Cut.

Before And After

It’s not always easy to decide what type of haircut you want for your Labradoodle.

So, here are a few before and after photographs to help. Labradoodles are a high-maintenance breed regarding their coats, and we recommend that you discuss what haircut style would best suit your dog with a professional groomer. 

14. Scruffy To Chic

Scruffy To Chic Labradoodle Haircut
Image Source

These two images couldn’t be more in contrast!

The hairy hound on the left can barely see where he’s going, but the smart, neatly trimmed chap on the right looks so chic in his natty collar and tie.

15.  Face Off

Red Labradoodle new haircut
Image Source

This Labradoodle has a gorgeous red coat and looks stunning under all that fur. However, we much prefer the neater, short coat that’s going to make bath time much easier for his owner!

16. Doodle Dude

Doodle Dude
Image Source

Although we love this chocolate Labradoodle’s blond facial furnishings and gorgeous green eyes, we have to admit he looks stunning with his mid-length cut.

The facial clip around the face, eyebrows, and muzzle works well to create a sharp, defined look that really suits this Doodle dude.

17. Big Paws

Big Paws
Image Source

Here’s another chocolate Labradoodle with a beautiful wavy fleece coat.

As you can see from the second picture, this pup clearly takes after his Labrador retriever parent, apart from those outrageously fluffy paws! 

18. Furry Face

Furry Face
Image Source

This Labradoodle’s good looks have been hidden somewhat, thanks to his longer facial hair.

That said, beards and mustaches are so on-trend right now, and this pup is certainly rocking the Hipster look!

19. Shaggy To Chic

Shaggy To Chic
Image Source

This hairy Labradoodle must take lots of daily brushing to keep his luxuriant coat tangle-free.

The new hairdo has totally transformed this messy, shaggy pup into a smart Doodle, and he must be much comfier without an over-heated body.

20. Puppy Love

Puppy Love Haircut labradoodle
Image Source

This Doodle’s Puppy cut has been left slightly longer around his face, while the rest of his body has been clipped short.

The result is a super-soft, cuddly, strokable coat that’s just crying out to be petted!

21. Golden Wonder!

Golden Wonder labradoodle haircut
Image Source

This Labradoodle has enjoyed an all-over trim that keeps everyday grooming requirements to a minimum while leaving this pup looking smart and keeping him cool in the hot summer season.

22. Fluffy Puppy

Fluffy Puppy Labradoodle
Image Source

This poor Doodle must feel much better now that he’s lost that thick, fluffy coat.

We think this pup looks absolutely gorgeous with his slightly longer-length coat, and we know you do, too!

Labradoodle Coat Types

Labradoodles come in several different coat types, depending on which parent dog the puppy most takes after.

Straight Coats

Labradoodles with straight or hair coats most closely resemble their Labrador retriever parent. Generally, puppies with hair coats don’t typically reveal their true coat type until they’re around 12 weeks old.

Most breeders try not to produce too many hair-coated puppies, which is easier said than done since around 89% of F1 Doodle pups have a hair coat. Of course, most buyers want a dog with a curly coat. Curly coats shed less and are therefore more popular with allergy sufferers and those who hate vacuum cleaner!

Labradoodles with straight coats tend to have wiry, smooth muzzle fur and lack the Teddy Bear look that many people crave. On the upside, hair coats are much easier to maintain than curly coats, as they don’t mat as readily.

Wool Coats

Labradoodles with wool coats take most of their coat genetics from their Poodle parent. Wool coats are typically thick, dense, fluffy, and very soft to the touch. When brushed correctly, the hair should grow in beautiful, hollow spirals.

Curly coats are prone to matting, so you need to be ready for some serious daily brushing if you take on one of these pups. Also, the haircut frequency for these woolly dogs is likely to be every few weeks to keep the coat in order.

Wool coats vary depending on the individual makeup of each puppy and can be tight or loose. Regardless of coat type, wool coats are all light shedders, making these Doodles the most popular choice for allergy sufferers.

Fleece Coat

labradoodle standing outdoor in the grass

Fleece coats are a cross between wool and straight coats and are very popular with Doodle owners.

A shaggy fleece coat is usually regarded as easy to care for and low-shedding, which is excellent news for vacuum-phobes and allergy sufferers. You need to brush this kind of coat once or twice a week to keep it looking good and free from mats.

The fleece coat is soft and fluffy, with the facial hair being more coarse in texture.

Final Thoughts

Did you enjoy our guide to 22 of the cutest Labradoodle short haircut styles out there on the web? If you did, please take a moment to share the article!

Choosing the best short haircut for your Labradoodle can be a real challenge, as there are so many different styles to choose from! If you’re confident, you might want to groom your dog yourself at home, but we recommend using a pro groomer to start off. After all, you don’t want to give your poor pup the worst haircut imaginable!

What short hairstyle did you choose for your furry friend? Tell us about your canine companion’s coiffeur in the comments box below!

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