13 Cute Yorkie Poo Haircut Ideas – All The Different Types and Styles

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The Yorkiepoo is a mixed breed dog that’s produced by crossing a Yorkshire Terrier with a Miniature or Toy Poodle.

These delightful little Poodle blend dogs are bright, affectionate, and lively, and they can make charming companions for families and singles alike. That said, the Yorkiepoo has a double coat that requires regular brushing and grooming to keep it in good condition and looking tidy.

There are plenty of cute Yorkiepoo haircuts to choose from. Read this guide to discover our favorite Yorkiepoo hairstyles that you might fancy trying for your furry friend.

Best Types Of Yorkiepoo Haircuts And Grooming Styles

There are lots of hairstyles and clips that look good on Yorkshire Terrier crossbreeds, including the Yorkiepoo. To help you decide on the best look for your Yorkiepoo, we’ve chosen our favorites! 

If you’re not sure what kind of cut to go for, we recommend that you take professional groomer advice before you decide.

1. Yorkiepoo Schnauzer Cut

The Yorkiepoo Schnauzer cut is a fancy clip that’s a little bit different from the usual haircuts that we see on this cute designer breed. 

This is quite a challenging hairstyle to do well, so we recommend that you use a professional groomer to do this job. However, if you have a set of high-quality clippers, and you’ve had plenty of practice, you might want to have a go at this clip yourself at home.

First of all, you need to carefully clip your Yorkiepoo’s hair from his neck to his tail, shaving the fur short to the dog’s body. Leave the hair on the pup’s legs, face, and neck a little bit longer. The facial hair should be long enough to create the characteristic Schnauzer mustache. You also want to leave the underbelly and legs long enough to create a “skirt” appearance. 

This is a complex cut, so we suggest that you ask your pro groomer to show you how to do it or watch a YouTube tutorial video or two before you let loose on your Yorkiepoo with the clippers! 

2. Yorkiepoo Puppy Cut

Yorkiepoo Puppy Cut
Image Source

The Puppy Cut is a firm favorite with many owners of crossbreed dogs. This clip suits lots of different looks and coat types, which is why it’s so popular. The Puppy Cut is also pretty easy to do, so pet parents who want to take the DIY approach often go for this style.

The clip is basically an all-over short cut to a length of about a ½ inch. The dog’s facial hair is left to grow to around 1 inch in length, giving the Yorkiepoo an adorable, cute puppy look.

If you decide to have a go at the Puppy Cut at home, you’ll need to buy a set of high-quality dog clippers. Begin clipping the fur at the dog’s neck, working your way down his whole body. To ensure a smooth finish, you need to clip the hair in the same direction. Finally, use a sharp pair of grooming scissors to trim and blend the fur around the dog’s face.

To keep your Yorkiepoo looking neat and tidy, trim the hair every couple of weeks.

3. Yorkiepoo Teddy Bear Cut

Yorkiepoo Bear Cut
Image Source

The Teddy Bear cut is an extremely popular hairstyle with owners of many Doodle crossbreeds

This adorable haircut is easy to maintain, making the Teddy Bear cut perfect for a busy dog owner who doesn’t have the time to spend maintaining a more complex style.

The clip is similar to the Puppy Cut, although the hair is left somewhat longer at around 2 inches in length. A little extra length is left around the Yorkiepoo’s head to create that gorgeous Teddy Bear look that works so well with Doodles.

If you don’t want to take the DIY route, you can have a professional dog groomer do the job, and then maintain the cut at home by trimming your pup with scissors instead of clippers between visits to the groomer. Also, you must brush your dog thoroughly every day to make sure that the fur doesn’t become tangled and matted.

4. Yorkiepoo Shaved Summer Cut

Yorkiepoo Shaved Summer Cut

Haircuts for summer feature high on our list of favorite clips for Yorkiepoos.

As we mentioned earlier, Doodles have a double coat. That’s a soft, fluffy undercoat and an outer layer of coarse guard hairs. The undercoat works to keep the dog warm in winter and protects the animal from the sun during the summer. The outer coat makes the dog’s fur water-resistant.

During the summer months when the weather is warm, there is a danger that your Yorkiepoo could overheat, especially if you live in an area where the temperature soars. So, many dog owners in hot regions opt to give their pets a Shaved Summer Cut. 

As you can probably guess from the name of this clip, it basically involves shaving all the dog’s fur to a very short length of around a ½ inch all over, including the dog’s face, ears, and legs. This is a pretty easy clip to do at home, provided that you have the correct equipment.

You might like to do the clip at the beginning of the summer when the weather starts to warm up and leave the coat to grow right out so that your Yorkiepoo has a nice, warm coat by the time the weather cools off in the fall.

5. Yorkiepoo Lamb Cut

Yorkiepoo Lamb Cut
Image Source

The Lamb Cut is an extremely popular choice of hairstyle for many Doodle owners and for those with a curly-haired Poodle, too. This haircut looks especially good on a Doodle that has inherited its Poodle parent’s curly coat.

Basically, the hair on the body, feet, face, and tail are shaved to create a very distinctive fluffy look. The dog’s topknot is left the same length as the body hair, which can be any length of the groomer’s choosing.

Other Yorkiepoo Haircut Ideas

Of course, you don’t have to stick to the usual Yorkiepoo haircuts we’ve featured above. Why not try something a little bit different to make your pet stand out from the crowd at the dog park?

Here are a few more Yorkiepoo haircut ideas that we think you’ll like.

Yorkiepoo Kennel Cut

Yorkiepoo Kennel Cut

The Kennel Cut is another extremely popular choice of hairdo for the Yorkiepoo, and it’s actually the shortest of all the clips. 

The dog’s face is kept to around a ½ inch in length, while the remainder of the body hair is shaved super-short and close to his body. This is another great choice of haircut for the summertime or for Yorkiepoo owners who don’t have time to brush their dogs every day. 

To maintain the coat, all you need to do is give your Yorkiepoo a quick trim to keep him tidy when he needs one.

Yorkiepoo Curls Cut

Yorkiepoo Curls Cut

One of the most exciting aspects of buying a Doodle puppy is that you really have no idea what you’re going to finish up with!

Because every puppy in the litter takes a percentage of genetic material from each parent, each is an individual with different looks and a different personality. For example, some Doodle puppies might have straight hair, whereas others will inherit super-tight curls.

This haircut is designed especially for Yorkiepoos that have inherited a beautiful, tightly-curled Poodle coat from their purebred Poodle parent. Although a curly coat is absolutely gorgeous to behold, this fur type needs a lot of maintenance to keep it in good condition and free from mats. Basically, you’ll need to brush and comb your dog’s hair every day, working right down to the skin to keep tangles away.

On the plus side, in general, the more curly the dog’s coat, the less it will shed, which is great news for allergy sufferers and for those pet parents who hate vacuuming!

Yorkiepoo Straight Cut

Yorkiepoo Straight Cut

If your Yorkiepoo has a straight coat, there are plenty of hairstyle options for you to choose from. 

Again, these dogs do need daily brushing to keep their fur in good order. Also, straight coats tend to shed more than curly ones, and plenty of brushing removes dead, loose hair, and helps to keep shedding to a minimum. 

Yorkiepoo Wavy Coat

Yorkiepoo Wavy Coat
Image Source

Between the curly coat and the straight coat, you’ll find the Yorkiepoo wavy coat. A wavy coat offers pet parents the best of both worlds! Wavy coats are usually low-shedding, and they don’t tend to get mats and tangles.

Again, there are plenty of relatively low-maintenance hairstyles that look good on a wavy-coated Yorkiepoo.

 Messy Hair

Messy Hair

One of the most appealing things about the Yorkiepoo’s coat is that it looks great when left to do its own thing! After all, who doesn’t love that messy, bedhead look on these cute little dogs? So, if you haven’t had time to get to the groomer, why not just leave your Yorkiepoo’s hair to do what comes naturally, and love that messy look!

However, every hairdo requires some degree of maintenance, and you will need to brush your Yorkiepoo’s fur at least every couple of days to prevent severe matting.


Topknot 1
Image Source
Topknot 2
Image Source

If you choose to leave your Yorkiepoo’s facial and head hair to grow long, you might want to try the Topknot hairstyle on your precious pooch.

To create the Topknot, simply comb through the hair on top of your pup’s head and pull it back into a bunch. Fasten the topknot in place with a ribbon, hairclip, or bobble for an adorable look that really suits a Yorkiepoo’s sweet little face.

For more inspiration on styling your Yorkiepoo’s topknot, check out a DIY tutorial video or two on the internet. Often, you can achieve a very professional result by following just a few simple steps. 



Yorkiepoos have gorgeous silky facial hair that includes a beard and mustache.

Some owners prefer to shave their dog’s face to remove those flowing furnishings, especially if the dog is a messy eater, as that makes coat maintenance easier. However, just as many people choose to leave their dog’s furnishings in place for a more natural, quirky look.

If you decide to leave your Yorkiepoo’s mustache and beard on, you must take the time to comb them carefully every day to prevent tangling. Also, that drooping fur can be a food trap, so you’ll need to invest in some baby wipes to mop up any dinner that ends up in your pet’s facial hair.

Finally, you’ll need to trim your pet’s mustache every couple of weeks to keep it looking tidy.

What Yorkiepoo Haircut Should I Choose?

Before you dive into our list of fabulous canine coiffeur, you need to have a good idea of how to choose the best “do” for your dog.

The kind of haircut you choose for your designer puppy depends on several factors, including:

Coat Type

Yorkiepoo Straight Cut
Straight coat
Yorkiepoo Curls Cut
Curly coat

Your Yorkiepoo’s coat type and texture are major factors in the haircut you choose for your pet.

If your dog has a curly Poodle-type coat that’s prone to tangles, you can cut down on grooming time with a short style. Short clips are also generally best for dogs that are prone to skin conditions. If the hair is kept shorter, it’s easier to apply topical creams to the skin, and the improved airflow can help to prevent bacterial and fungal growth. Active pups that enjoy swimming and getting down and dirty at the dog park are also best with a short cut that makes bathing and grooming easier.

However, if your Yorkiepoo has straight or wavy hair, you might prefer to leave it longer, simply because you like that style and look. And senior pups that live a sedentary lifestyle might be better off with a longer “do.”

Seasonal Haircuts

The climate you live in will also influence the kind of haircut you choose for your dog.

For example, if you live in a very warm region where the summers are scorching hot, you’ll want to choose a short haircut for your Yorkiepoo so that he doesn’t overheat. Conversely, if the winter months bring freezing temperatures, rain, and snow, your pet will need a longer, thicker haircut so that he doesn’t get chilled. 

Whatever the prevailing weather conditions are where you live, you’ll find a popular style to suit your Yorkiepoo’s needs.

How Much Spare Time You Have

how much time do you have

Brushing your dog every day can take up quite a bit of your time, especially if you have to fit in work and family, too.

If you’re busy and your spare time is at a premium, it might be best to choose a shorter cut that requires less maintenance. However, if you’re retired or you work part-time, you and your Yorkiepoo might enjoy spending some quality time together for a brush and a puppy blow-dry session.

But whatever haircut you choose for your dog, you’ll need to brush your pet regularly to prevent hair matting.

What’s Your Budget?


There’s no doubt about it, a trip to the dog groomer is not a cheap expedition!

Prices vary between groomers, but you can generally expect to pay anywhere between $40 to $75 per session, depending on what you have done. Generally, your Yorkiepoo will require a trip to the pro groomer every four to six weeks, depending on what hairstyle you choose for him.

As you might expect, the more intricate and complicated the hairstyle, the longer it will take to do and, therefore, the more expensive it will be. Also, your dog will be bathed before he’s clipped. Add to that the cost of nail clipping or buffing, and you can see why a trip to the salon can get pricey.

Of course, you can save some cash by taking the DIY route. Many amateur dog groomers clip their dog’s nails at home, and if the clip you want is a short, straightforward one, you can do that yourself, too. Bathing your dog at home can be fun for both of you, as well as saving you even more money.

However, if you have a busy lifestyle, you might need to weigh up the cost of DIY grooming in time versus a trip to the salon.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed our guide to 13 cute Yorkiepoo haircuts and grooming styles. We’re sure you found something in our list that will look great on your pampered pet!

Whatever hairstyle you choose for your dog, remember that you’ll also need to spend time brushing your pet’s fur every day to keep it free from mats and knots. You can cut down on some of that grooming time by having your Yorkiepoo’s hair clipped in a short style. Shorter haircuts can also suit dogs that enjoy a very active lifestyle or live in a warm climate.

What hairstyle did you choose for your Yorkiepoo? Tell us in the comments box below, and please share our guide if you enjoyed it!

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